Korns Cemetery, Tama County, Iowa

The 1990 pictures that are indexed below are from the Korns Family Cemetery, Highland Township, Tama County, Iowa. The pictures were provided to this website by a Korns descendant/genealogy buff in California who wishes to remain anonymous. The cemetery is located at latitude 41.891N, longitude: -92.694W about 52 miles northeast of Des Moines, Iowa. For aerial photos of the cemetery, click here.

The book "History of Tama County" states "There is one cemetery in Highland township, located on the southeast quarter of section 22. It contains a fourth of an acre, which was donated to the township for burial purposes by John Korns in 1870. The first body interred here was Louisa Korns, wife of the donor"

Korns divider line

  • Typewritten list of burials in Korns Cemetery


  • Tombstone of John D., Louise and Ida May Korns

  • Closeup of John D Korns tombstone

  • Burial site, John D., Louise and Ida May Korns


  • Jacob Korns tombstone

  • Closeup of Jacob Korns tombstone


  • Tombstone of Elizabeth Korns (first wife of Jacob)

  • Closeup of Elizabeth Korns tombstone


  • Korns family tombstone

  • Closeup of Korns family tombstone


  • Lily Boyd tombstone

  • Closeup of Lily Boyd tombstone


  • Susan (Korns) Boyd tombstone

  • Closeup of Susan (Korns) Boyd tombstone


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