Childhood photos of Ralph Dietle, Somerset County, PA

These photos were provided by Ralph Dietle, who grew up in Larimer Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania on the farm of his father Irvin Henry Dietle. On a computer you can make the photos smaller by reducing the size of the window.

The following two photos of Ralph Dietle were taken on the farm of his parents Irvin and Alma (Miller) Dietle.
Photos of Ralph on the farm

The three pictures that follow appear to have been taken on the same day. The back of the one on the left is inscribed, "Ralph was 2 yrs. & 2 mo old when this was taken Dad was 47". The backs of the other two are inscribed, "Daddy & Ralph". It is obvious to me that the two left-hand pictures were taken on the sidewalk near the farmhouse on the farm of Irvin and Alma (Miller) Dietle.
Ralph and his father.

Based on his outfit, this photo of Ralph may have been taken on the same day as the preceding three photos. I don't recognize the location where the photo was taken.
Ralph with dog.

In this photo, Ralph is being held by his mother Alma (Miller) Dietle, and his sister Julia is kneeling in front of him.
Ralph with his mother and sister.

In the next photo, Ralph is in a pasture field on the Larimer Township farm of his parents.
Ralph in pasture field.

In this photo, Ralph is sitting on a milk can near the front steps of his parents' farmhouse, with another milk can nearby.
Ralph near the front steps, with milk cans.

In the following photo, a chicken is perched on Ralph's arm.
Ralph with chickens.

In the next two pictures, Ralph is in the pasture near the Dietle farmhouse, posing with a pair of calves.
Ralph with calves.

Ralph with calves.

The next image is Ralph's school picture from 1952.
Ralph Dietle 1952 school picture.

In the next image, Ralph is standing near the eastern side of the Larimer Township farmhouse of his parents.
Ralph Dietle with the farmhouse in the background.

Ralph appears to be at a beach in the following photograph.
Ralph Dietle at a beach.

In the following picture, Ralph is with his parents and two nieces: Debra and Sandra Dietle, daughters of Irvin Dietle, Jr.
Ralph with his parents and two nieces.

In the following photo, which was developed in June of 1962, Ralph is standing next to his nephew Irving Saylor, Jr., aka "Junior".
Ralph and Junior Saylor

The following photo may be Ralph's senior class picture from high school.
Ralph Dietle portrait.

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