Descendants of Johann Adam Dietel

This web page relates to the Dietle/Deitle family of Somerset County, Pennsylvania.

My sister and I published the book "Descendants of Johann Adam Dietel of 19th Century Somerset County, Pennsylvania" in 1996, after several years of research. A modest number of copies were sold to the various family members we had connected with. The book was prepared on a Macintosh computer. This year I attempted to convert the computer files to PC files so they could be converted to PDF and placed on the internet. I was successful with the MS Word files, but not with the all of the PICT files. The files that are included below are the ones that could be recovered and converted.

Descendants of Johann Adam Dietel of 19th Century Somerset County, Pennsylvania

  • Front Matter

  • Chapter 1: GGG-Grandparents Adam Diettle & Mary Ann (Unknown) Diettle

  • Chapter 2: Nicholas Dieddle & Mary (Rembold) Dieddle, Ancestors of the Deitle Family Branch

  • Chapter 3: Descendants of Nicholas Dieddle & Mary (Rembold) Dieddle

  • Chapter 4: GG-Grandparents John Adam Diettle & Margaret (Ritter) Diettle, Ancestors of the Dietle Family Branch

  • Chapter 5: Descendants of John Adam Dietle & Margaret (Ritter) Dietle

  • Chapter 6: Great-Grandparents Adam Dietle & Susan (Werner) Dietle

  • Chapter 7: Descendants of Adam Dietle & Susan (Werner) Dietle

  • Chapter 8: Grandparents Irvin H. Dietle & Alma C. (Miller) Dietle

  • Chapter 9: Descendants of Irvin H. Dietle & Alma C. (Miller) Dietle

  • Chapter 10: History of the Dietle Surname

  • Chapter 11: Roy Dietle's Memories of Growing Up in Somerset County

  • Chapter 12: Beginner's Luck; The Story of Roy Dietle's First Deer

  • Appendix A: Miscellaneous Individuals and Families

  • Appendix B: Somerset County Legal Transactions

  • Appendix C Not Converted (Content missing)

  • Appendix D: Report Card of Erdmann Dietel von Bernech

  • Appendix E: This is a file containing some (but not all) of the photos from Appendix E

  • References

  • Addendum A: Corrections and Additions

    Supplemental Information relating to Johann Adam Dietel

  • A 1999 trip to the part of Bavaria where Johann Adam Dietel lived

  • 1999 photos of the Lutheran Church in Selbitz, Bavaria

  • 1999 photo looking down into Selbitz, birthpace of Johann Adam Dietel

  • 1999 photos of street scenes Selbitz, Bavaria

  • 1999 photo of the sign to the Dietel subdivision in Zell, Bavaria

  • 1999 photos of the Lutheran Church in Bad Berneck, Bavaria

    Supplemental Dietle/Deitle Family Information

    The following video is from a 1999 reunion of the descendants of Irvin H. Dietle at the White Oak Picnic Grounds in Larimer Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania.

  • The Descendants of Robert Earl Deitle, provided by Harold A. Weigle

  • Photo of Susan (Werner) Dietle with her son Simon Albert Dietle

  • Photo of George Werner, and his second wife, Minnie C. (Markel) Werner

  • 2014 photo of Nicholas Deitle farm (in 2014, a church camp)

  • Dietle in the January 1, 1903 "Individual and Business Directory of Somerset County, Pa."

  • Photos from Ralph Dietle relating to his brother Roy Dietle

  • 1898 photo of George Werner family, including Adam Dietle family

  • A 2021 update to the Dietle book that was prepared by Ralph Dietle

  • Tombstones of Johann Adam Dietle and his wife Mary Ann

  • Tombstone of Adam Dietle and his wife Susan

  • Tombstone of Irvin H. Dietle and his wife Alma

  • Where Irvin H. Dietle taught school, starting in 1917

  • Funeral card of Luther "Bud" Dietle

  • 1941 proposal to Irvin H. Dietle for indoor plumbing and a new furnace

  • A mid-1950s photo of some Somerset County Dietle children

  • Obituary of Anna Catherine Werner, grandmother of Susan (Werner) Dietle

  • Hunting-related notes from a 1997 interview of my father Roy E. Dietle (753KB pdf)

  • 1897 obituary of John Adam Diettle

  • Photo of Julia (Dietle) Saylor and her husband Irving Saylor

  • Photo of four children of Irvin Dietle, Sr.

  • 1999 photo of Irving Saylor, Jr. and his wife Debra

  • 1999 photo of Luther Dietle's widow Lerene

  • 1999 photo of children of Irvin Henry Dietle

  • Irvin Dietle, Jr. & his wife Patricia (Smith) Dietle

  • Roy E. Dietle in Agway safe driver coat

  • Roy E. Dietle in his living room, June 4, 2001

  • Roy E. Dietle looking out his dining room window, Dec. 5, 2007

  • Adam & Susan Dietle with adult children -- from Lerene (Geiger) Dietle)

  • 1886 deed, Richard Mankamyer to Ephriam Geiger, Larimer Township (14,516KB pdf)

  • 1909 deed, Frank Bittner to Ephriam Geiger (9,306KB pdf)

  • 1920 bill of sale, Mary Geiger to Harry Dietle (7,237KB pdf)

  • 1925 deed, Mary Geiger to Harry Dietle, Larimer Township (5,270KB pdf)

  • Click here to see a bit of old VHS-based video of the Wittenburg school where Irvin H. Dietle taught.

  • Click here to see a title search of the Larimer Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania property owned by Ephriam and Mary (Dietle) Geiger.

  • 1899 petroleum lease, Mary Dietle (2872 KB pdf) From the papers of Irvin Henry Dietle.

  • The 1927 deed to the farm that Irvin and Alma Dietle lived on

  • The 1927 mortgage to the Larimer Township farm that Irvin and Alma Dietle lived on (1994 KB pdf)

  • 1881 indenture to Richard Mankameyer (1789 KB pdf) This eventually became the farm of Irvin Henry Dietle.

  • 1873 deed Jonathan Bittner to Christian Mankamier (922 KB pdf) This eventually became the farm of Irvin Henry Dietle.

  • Obituary of Roy Emerson Dietle, son of Irvin Henry Dietle

  • Roy Emerson Dietle's 1949 class ring from the Meyersdale High School

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