1852 Barrelville Rail & Mine Article

The following 1852 Barrellville article was Provided by Mike McKenzie. This NY Times article provides an early reference to an active railroad branch along the North Branch of Jennings Run. It isn't known for certain if this was a part of the Wellersburg & Jennings Run Railroad, or a separate railroad branch serving the mines, such as the branch that appears on an 1874 map of the Barrelville area. The article states "The first mines reached are those of the Parker Vein Coal Company, at Barrallville, on the north fork of Jennon's (sic) run, under the management of M.P. O'Hern, Esq. A Railroad, three quarters of a mile in length, and spanning Jennon's run by an elegant Viaduct forty feed in height and three hundred in length, connects them with the main road, while their little mining village, with its clean and pretty cottages, presents a picturesque appearance. The Parker Vein was the first discovered and earliest mined in the Coal field, and was boated down the Potomac for use in the Government Arsenal at Harper's Ferry, long before the iron age of Railroads had commenced".

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