Examples of a cow chain

Cow Chain Example Photos

These two photos show examples of cow chains. They are from the Alonzo Lepley farm in Southampton Township, Somerset County, Pa. That farm is now owned by my first cousin, who is a Korns, and he provided the photos. These cow chains don't have any particular historical connection to the Korns family; they are merely provided here as examples of cow chains that were used in the area.

The cow chain in the top photo is a fairly typical commerical item, while The cow chain in the bottom photo is unusual in that a vee of metal is substituted for part of the chain. The bottom chain has been adjusted to a particular cow by the expedient of tying knots in the chain. We will examine the second cow chain in more detail in the future, to determine if it is a commercial item, or a blacksmith-made item. At any rate, the chain in the lower photo is quite old; note the wear in the links.

In use, the chain is secured around the cow's neck by placing the toggle through the mating chain link eye. Presumably, the other toggle would be placed through the eye of a chain attached to a stall, or to a hole in the stall dividing wall.

Example of a cow chain

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