Alonzo Lepley Farm, Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA

Alonzo Lepley Farm, Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA

This photo shows the Alonzo Lepley Farm, Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA. The photo shows the south side of the buildings. The house was torn down in the 1970's. This is the farm where the Lepley gunsmithing tools and leftover gun parts were found, and where the Lepley family cemetery is located. A blacksmith shop was also once located on the farm. The approximate location of the site of the house is Latitude 39.75312495137337, Longitude -78.82282197475433. The location of the barn is Latitude 39.75323630473451, Longitude -78.82190465927124.

This photo was reproduced from volume one of the 2005 book "A Look At Southampton Township Pennsylvania The Way It Used To Be!", with permission of the author. That book states "Adam Lepley III owned this farm and gave one third part to his son Sam Lepley, who then gave it to Alonzo and Edna Lepley."

In 2007 my first cousin, who currently owns this farm, said that Lester Korns once told him that the lumber for the present barn on Alonzo's farm was hauled down from Warren's Mill by wagon, and also told him that Warren's Mill was a reciprocating blade sawmill, rather than a circular saw mill. The mill gave its name to what is presently known as Warren's Mill Road. If lumber had to be hauled from that far away, it tells us that the water-powered saw mill at the foot of the hill below this farm was probably no longer in use when the barn was built.

Note the traditional decorative trim on the barn, and the overhanging mow, which provides protection for livestock in inclement weather. This barn, like most in the locale, faces south, and is a gabled-roof bank barn built parallel to the hillside. The southern exposure would lend warmth to the barnyard in the wintertime. This barn is still in daily use in 2021, but the house was razed in the 1970's.

The house has a single-decker porch, which in this blurry photo, appears to have four bays. The house exterior is similar to that of the house on the nearby Michael Korn homestead, however the outer edge of the porch on this house appears to rest on a foundation. In this respect, it is different than the houses in the area that I am familiar with.

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