Saint Ignatius Church site

The first photo below shows the old Catholic cemetey, northwest of Mount Savage, Maryland, and about a mile or so from the "Sam Blank Stone House". According to the 2010 book In Search of the Turkey Foot Road, the cemetery was located along the Turkey Foot Road. According to an old plaque that is no longer at the cemetery, the leveled spot is where the Saint Ignatius Church building is said to have been located. Mike McKenzie reports that many of the tombstones are unreadable due to their age. (2010 photo by Mike McKenzie)

The next photo was taken from the cemetery, and shows the area southeast of the cemetery. Click here for a non-annotated version of this photo. (2010 photos by Mike McKenzie)

The next photo shows the plaque that is located at the cemetery. Without further proof, we have no reason to believe that Archibald Arnold's house was actually at this particular location. Mike Mckenzie reports that an earlier plaque indicated that the church was located at the cemetery. Click here to see a detailed 1909 history of St. Ignatius Church which mentions an early church connected to Arnold's Hotel, and then the later St. Ignatius Church at the cemetery. Click here for the history of the church on another website. (2010 photo by Mike McKenzie)

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