A 1754 map of Western Pennsylvania

This web page shows Captain Snow's hopelessly distorted, badly out of scale 1754 map of western Pennsylvania. This early map shows the "New Storehouse" of the Ohio Company, at the present (2009) location of Cumberland, Maryland. A "Road to Philidelphia Pensylvania" (sic) is shown that extends from the "New Storehouse" to where the French forced William Trent's troops to abandon the British Fort he was building at the Forks of the Ohio (where Pittsburgh is presently located. This road passes north of Fort Necessity, and crosses the Youghyouohgany (sic) River near where it joins the Monongahela. Research would need to be performed in order to determine what road Trent's men used to go to the Forks of the Ohio. I suspect that the road representation on Snow's map is a distorted representation of the Ohio Company's road, at least a portion of which became known as Braddock's Road.

The next image below shows more of the map.

The next image below shows more of the map, and documents the map title.

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