"Sam Blank Stone House"

The 2010 photos below show a house that is called the "Sam Blank Stone House" on the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties. This house is located northeast of Mount Savage, Maryland, just south of the state line. A title search published by the Maryland State Archives indicates that Samuel Wilhelm bought the property from Fredrick Rigert in 1828, and Samuel Blank purchased it from the heirs of Samuel Wilhelm in 1886. Click here to see Elias Majors' "Dry Level" resurvey of this property in 1794. The 2010 book In Search of the Turkey Foot Road indicates that the house was situated along the route of the Turkey Foot Road.

The next photo shows the location of house relative to the Big Savage Tunnel on the Allegany Highlands Trail (formerly the right of way of the Western Maryland Railroad). Click here for a non-annotated version of the photo.

The next photo shows the east end of the house.

The next photo shows the west end of the house; the camera lense distorted the shape of the house.

All of the photos on this page were taken by local area resident Mike McKenzie.

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