Mount Savage Iron Works Map, 1842

The map that is included below is titled "Map Showing the extent of the Mineral Estate and Property and the Present Arrangement of the Mount Savage Iron Works belonging to the Maryland and New York Stone and Coal Company with part of the Adjacent Country situated between Cumberland & Frostburg Maryland in the United States of America 1842" This map copy was procured from the Allegeny County government by local area resident Mike McKenzie, and many of the comments below are based on Mike's knowledge of the area. A higher detail scan of this map exists, but I have not been able to upload it yet due to its size. The actual map covers a larger area than what is shown; we will eventually get the whole thing posted.

This map is important to our studies because it is the only detailed map that we have found so far for this time period. I suspect that this map only shows roads that had significant relevance to the company that made the map. For example, no roads are shown in the area where the title is located, and we know that much of the present-day (2010) Bald Knob Road was already there in 1804. Some of the roads are schematically represented, because switchbacks would be required to traverse some of the locations, yet relatively straight routes are illustrated.

Mount Savage area
The foundry is shown in Mount Savage, and one of the "dwelling houses" still remains today (2010) as a museum. A road heading northwest out of Mount Savage is labeled "Cart Road Leading in the desireable ore and fire clay", this appears to be the antecedent to today's Fireclay Mountain Road. A road heading soutwest out of Mount Savage is labeled "Cart Road to Limestone". A tramway is also shown heading in that general northwest direction, up the mountainside. A dashed line south of the cart road is labeled "Proposed continental ??? Railroad ???.

Barrelville area
A Blubaugh is shown just west of the North Branch of Jennings run; this might be the source of the name of the local Blubaugh mine.

The area between the above two towns The stream that is marked "Johns run" is the present day Mattingly run. John Mattingly was a early settler who owned the present day Paul farm.

The road along Jennings Run is labeled "Road to Cumberland". Although it is hard to read, Arnolds is shown along that road, just above the word "road", at the end of the road that is presently known as "Woodcock Hollow Road". That is where Arnold's Mill was located.

Other items of interest
A school is shown along what is presently known as "Woodcock Hollow Road". The property of the Boston Company is shown below Mount Savage.


L. Dietle, January, 2010

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