End of stone barn facing the house on the Korns farm

End of stone barn facing the old farmhouse on the Michael Korns, Sr. family farm

This 1999 photograph shows the end of the barn which faces the house on the Michael Korns, Sr. family farm in Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA. The ends of the barn are stone, but parts of the side walls are wood.

This is an interesting example of vernacular architecture. Note the vertical venilation slits, and the round portal near the peak. The venilation slits are much wider on the inside. Also note the use of relatively large stone rather high up on the wall. Lester Korns reported that the barn had a date stone back when he owned it, but when a corner caved in and was repaired with brick, the date stone was among the stones that were sold and hauled off. He did not remember the date. The modern sheet metal addition attached to the left of the barn is for sheltering livestock.

Like most barns in the area, this one faces south, and is a banked barn that is built parallel to the hillside. The banked arrangement provides wagon access to the mow and threshing floor.

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