A hook for securing a door on the historic farmhouse on the Michael Korns, Sr. family farm in Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA.

Hook for barring door on the house on the Michael Korns, Sr. farm

This 1999 photograph of the old farmhouse on the Michael Korns, Sr. Somerset County PA family farm shows the doorway from the large room on the left end of the house to the wing extending from the back of the house. This door was also of the traditional Bible and Cross paneled construction. Note the hook attached to the doorway; it is rigidly mounted into the door frame, and it's purpose is to hold a bar across the door to prevent unauthorized entry. This suggests that this was once an exterior door, and thus suggests that the wing was added on to the house some time after it was originally built. (The nearby Lepley stone house, built around 1810 and torn down in 1999, also had iron hooks for barring the door shut.) This photograph also provides a nice close-up of the chair rail, and shows that the interior trim was painted grey.

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