Rock-filled walls in the historic farmhouse on the Michael Korns, Sr. family farm, Southampton Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania

Rock-filled walls in the house on the Michael Korns, Sr. farm

In this 1998 photograph of the right-hand end of the old farmhouse on the Michael Korns, Sr. Somerset County PA family farm, the siding has fallen off, affording an excellent view of the exterior wall construction. Note the rock filled walls, the hand-hewn beams, and the pegged corner bracing. Also note the tongue and groove construction of the floor boards, which extend under the rock which fills the walls. The brick to the right of the window is the back side of the fireplace; note the crude nature of the bricks, which appear to be handmade. Also note that the ends of the wall studs are recessed into the top of the sill beam.

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