Remedial math for the mainstream media

This web page relates to the Dietle/Deitle family of Somerset County, Pennsylvania.
October 6, 2012: This weekend, the mainstream media is crowing that 114,000 new jobs in September have suddenly dropped Obama's unemployment rate from 8.1% to 7.8%. That's a huge 0.3% (.003) change. It's also easily proven to be a bald faced lie. If you use their numbers, and divide 114,000 by 0.003, you get a total* unemployment figure of 38,000,000. If you divide 38,000,000 by the total population of the U.S. (308,745,538 at the time of the 2010 census) you get 12.3%. Now, the census counts babies, little kids, the elderly, and the disabled--not just the people who should be working or looking for work. If you divide 38,000,000 by the number of people who should be working or looking for work, the unemployment rate would obviously be much, much greater than the reported 7.8%. It is mathematically impossible for 114,000 new jobs to drop the unemployment rate from 8.1% to 7.8%.

With a mere 114,000 new jobs, the only way the unemployment figure could have suddenly dropped from 8.1% to 7.8% is if a huge number of people who should be looking for work are suddenly not being counted anymore by the federal government. That should be the big news. Do you get it? The mainstream media is once again repeating a whopper of a lie to try to make Obama look good.

For thinking people, this supposedly wonderful 7.8% unemployment rate doesn't even make Obama look that good. Bush's average annual unemployment rate over his eight year presidency was 5.4%. His lowest annual unemployment rate was 4.4%, and his highest unemployment rate was 6.6%. According to the mainstream media, Bush is a bumbling idiot who can't even speak in complete sentences. Now they tell us that teleprompter Obama, with his personal best of a 7.8% unemployment rate, is our new economic savior. Why does anyone read the mainstream media anymore, except for a laugh?

Could this supposed big drop in unemployment simply be a distraction from Obama's debate debacle? We now have seen with our own eyes that Obama can't hold his own in a debate unless he is given leading questions by the moderator. Why else would the mainstream media be so mad at the moderator, who after all, let Obama steal four minutes of Romney's time? They think the moderator should have asked Romney questions like "have you stopped beating your wife yet", while asking Obama questions like "what is your favorite flavor of ice cream". It was a profound shock to the media that the moderator simply let Romney and Obama debate each other. That's why the media hates the moderator.

Do you remember the last election, when McCain had to face a moderator who had just written a book about Obama that wouldn't make any money unless Obama won the election? That's the kind of debate moderator Obama was expecting this time around; someone with a vested interest in the outcome. Instead, we got to see what Obama looks like when he has to stand on his own merit, outside of the protective media bubble, and without a teleprompter.

Now Obama is campaigning against a congress that isn't even in session, pretending to be challenging them to pass a bill that would take tax money from your family to help some other family pay for a big "underwater" mortgage that family shouldn't have taken on in the first place. This is what the word "fair" means to Obama. It means taking money from people who made good decisions in order to reward people who made bad decisions. Don't even get me going on Obama's "Cash for Clunkers" program. Did you ever think you would live to see the day when the government would take tax money from your family to help some other family buy a new Japanese car, while also melting down functioning automobiles that someone could have used? How many more trillions of dollars of debt are we willing to lay at Obama's alter of redistribution? I think it's time for a change.

It's also time to simply reject the mainstream media. Last week they were writing articles telling us that America relates poorly to Mormonism; they were hit pieces on Mitt Romney, plain and simple. The same articles were completely silent about Obama's acknowledged mentor and friend of 20 years, the radical Reverend Jeremiah "God Damn America" Wright. The media harps on and on about details of the life of Romney's Mormon Grandfather, with nary a word about Obama's various Muslim relatives, or his Muslim upbringing. The mainstream media is now so one sided in its coverage that it is nothing more than an outright propaganda machine for the left.

Think for a moment about the Fast and Furious program to send assault rifles to Mexican drug cartels. Obama claims to have nothing to do with it, yet claims executive privilege on thousands of documents that only qualify for executive privilege if they do have something to do with Fast and Furious. Why is the media continuing to coddle this sorry excuse of a President?

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