Children of William Korns


The photo below shows children of William Korns, who was the youngest child of Michael Korn, Sr. of Somerset County, PA. The photographers mark on the front of the photo is W.B. Brooks, Brooklyn, IA.

The photo was provided by Kim Cook, who is the great grand-daughter of Bessie May (Blood) Hamilton and the great great grand-daughter of Senora (Donaldson) Blood. Senora is the daughter of Caroline (Korns) Donaldson (see photo) who is a daughter of William Korns.

Kim was doing some family research, came across this group photo among her grandmother's photos, and then decided to research the Korns family. That's how she found

According to the back of the photo, the people are:

  • Caroline (Korns) Donaldson
  • Lydia (Korns) Ostrom,
  • Philip Korns
  • Delilah (Korns) Cornell
  • Moses Korns
  • Joseph Korns
  • Jacob Korns

    The individual on the right hand end of the back row is not the Jacob Korns who is pictured in the William Korns chapter of the 1949 book " The Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr. of Somerset County Pennsylvania ". Presumably, the photo of Jacob Korns in the Korns book is from his daughter, genealogist Olive Alta (Korns) Porter, and therefore is accurately identified. Based on nose shape, the individual at the left hand end of the back row appears to be the Jacob Korns who is pictured in the Korns book. This suggests that the list on the back of the photo may a counter-clockwise listing, starting with at the left-hand end of the front row, and ending with the left-hand end of the top row, but more evidence is needed before this theory can be verified. To read about Moses and Jacob Korns, click here.

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