Wellersburg area log house, Somerset County PA

Click here to see a photo of a Wellersburg-area log house on another website. The house was moved from Wellersburg and rebuilt. The owner, Pamela Moore, gave Mike McKenzie information on the house in 2009.

The house came from Bob Gomerís farm, out Mineral Street, south of the Dom Farm. Bob Gomer had his land stripped by the Sanner Coal company, which is Pamelaís family, and she purchased the log house. It has wooden "nails" all through, and those were for supporting horsehair plaster. It also has high ceilings. Pamela was told by someone familiar with log houses that it was probably built in the late 1800's.

Mikeís dad identified the log house as having been on Bob Gomerís farm as the Johnny Blank place, and indicated that he knew Johnnyís son Gerald, who moved to Virginia to trap for the state. Mike called Gerald. Gerald said he moved away from there over 50 years ago, and his father moved to Akron, Ohio. Mikeís dad said that there were other brothers around Wellersburg, but they have passed away. Gerald told Mike that his grandfather lived there and married a "Snyder". Mike reports that the 1876 Beers map shows Snyders living around the Dom farm. Mike reports that there is also a J. Blank on the 1876 map, all the way out Mineral Street.

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