Daniel Benjamin Troutman Muzzle Loading Rifle Photos

The photos below show a nineteenth century full stock Pennsylvania flintlock muzzle loading rifle that was made by Daniel Benjamin Troutman. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to publish these photos here on Korns.org. The photos are reproduced here by permission of the photographer, who is the son of the owner of the rifle. (Here are photos of a very similar Troutman rifle in the early stages of restoration.) Click here for biographical information about Daniel Benjamin Troutman.

The patchbox, the sideplate, the trigger guard, the buttstock shape, and the eagle medallion of this rifle are similar to the rifle by the same maker that is illustrated on page 141 of the 1991 book "Gunsmiths of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties" that was written by Whisker & Whisker. The angular underside of the pan is also similar to the one in the book.

The cock, cock screw, frizzen, and pan do not have the same brown patina as the rest of the ferrous parts, and the cock is obviously a modern investment casting. I am certainly no expert on these old black powder rifles, but a expert with many decades of experience told me that the cock, frizzen, and pan are obviously modern replacements. The ill-fitting frizzen spring, which overhangs the wood of the stock, is obviously not original to the rifle. It isn't unusual for such an old rifle to have repairs, or to need new parts for the sake of completeness.

Troutman rifle photo 1

Troutman rifle photo 2

Troutman rifle photo 3

Troutman rifle photo 4

Troutman rifle photo 6

Troutman rifle photo 7

Troutman rifle photo 10

Troutman rifle photo 12

Troutman rifle photo 13

Troutman rifle photo 14

Troutman rifle photo 15

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