Warrant survey maps of Somerset County, Pennsylvania

These pdf copies of Somerset County warrant survey maps were provided to me by Harry "Cork" Ringler in the 2009-2018 timeframe. I haven't been able to find my copy of the Upper Turkeyfoot Township map yet, although I know I used to have one. The pdf files range in size from 707 to 1833 KB.

  • Allegheny Township

  • Addison Township

  • Elk Lick Township

  • Greenville Township

  • Jefferson Township

  • Jenner Township

  • Lincoln Township

  • Lower Turkeyfoot Township

  • Larimer Township

  • Middlecreek Township

  • Milford Township

  • Northampton Township

  • Quemahoning Township

  • Shade Township

  • Somerset Township

  • Southampton Township

  • Stonycreek Township

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