Newly-made maple sugar trough

This photo shows a partially complete maple sugar trough, being made with old-time tools in 2008 from a cucumber log. It is being made by Allen Korns' son and grandson, for the 2008 sugaring season. The (large) foot adz was found in a building on the farm (the handle is new), while the hand-adz was borrowed for the job. The circular cutting tool is believed to possibly be a cooper's tool, for shaping staves. After this photo was taken, they smoothed out and sanded the inside, and added legs. For a photo of the finished trough, click here.

To make maple sugar, one cooks regular maple syrup down further. The resulting thicker syrup is put in the trough and stirred for a long time with a wooden paddle. During this process it swells up, and you keep on stirring it and it turns into crumb.

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