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Digital library of books pertaining to Somerset County, Pennsylvania

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This is an index to books on that pertain to Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Some of the pdf files are so large that you may want to download them to your computer, rather than try to use them online.

  • A Brief History of Bishop Jacob Mast and Other Mast Pioneers: C. Z. Mast, 1911 (45.4 MB pdf).

  • A scrapbook of old Somerset County newspaper clippings: (4.9 MB pdf).

  • A History of Wills Creek Charge of the Evangelical and Reformed Church: J. Earl Gindlesperger, 1941 (html).

  • Births and Baptisms of Somerset County, Penna. Reformed and Lutheran Church Records of Berlin, Somerset County, Pennsylvania Ezra Saylor, 1929 (45 MB pdf).

  • Braddock Road: John Kennedy Lacock, 1914 (1.7 MB).

  • Braddock's Road and Three Relative Papers: Archer Butler Hulbert, 1903 (2.0 MB).

  • Church Record of Zion's Evangelical Lutheran Church Wellersburg, PA. : Ezra Saylor, 1940 (7.4 MB pdf).

  • Descendants of Barbara Hochstetler and Christian Stutzman: Harvey Hostetler, 1938 (196.6 MB pdf).

  • Descendants of Jacob Hochstetler: Harvey Hostetler, 1912 (46.2 MB pdf).

  • Descendants of Johann Adam Dietel of 19th Century Somerset County, Pennsylvania, Dietle & Moore, 1996 (html).

  • Descendants of Johannes Keilman: Andrew Petenbrink, 2016 working draft (4.3 MB pdf).

  • Early History of Western Pennsylvania: Israel Daniel Rupp, 1847 (40.2 MB).

  • Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr.: Charles Byron Korns, 1949 (html).

  • Genealogy of the Relatives of William J. Miller: Anonymous, 1963 (html).

  • Gladys Edna (Bittner) Korns' Somerset County, Pennsylvania manuscript genealogy notebook (html)

  • Heads of Families First Census of the United States: 1790 State of Pennsylvania: 1908 (47.2 MB pdf).

  • History of Bedford and Somerset Counties Pennsylvania: 1906

  • History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties, Pennsylvania: 1884 (61.5 MB pdf).

  • History of the Church of the Brethren of the Western District of Pennsylvania: Jerome E. Blough, 1916 (31.7 MB pdf).

  • History of the Alleghany Evangelical Lutheran Synod: Rev. W. H. Bruce Carney, 1918 (25.4 MB pdf).

  • Holsinger's History of the Tunkers and the Brethren Church: H.R. Holsinger, 1901 (27.6 MB pdf).

  • ...Immigrants in Pennsylvania from 1727 to 1776... (In English & German): I. Daniel Rupp, 1876 (24.7 MB pdf).

  • Indian Paths of Pennsylvania: Paul A. W. Wallace, 1965 (19.6 MB).

  • Retracing of Famous Old Turnpike...": David Eby, 1908 (493 KB pdf)

  • Returns of Taxables (Bedford County, Pennsylvania 1773-1784): 1908 (15.7 MB pdf).

  • Three Archaeological Sites in Somerset County Pennsylvania: Mary Butler, 1939 (4.7 MB pdf).

  • Two Centuries of the Church of the Brethren in Western Pennsylvania 1751-1950: W. J. Hamilton, 1953 (107.5 MB pdf)

  • Heads of Families First Census of the United States: 1790 State of Pennsylvania: (46.0 MB pdf)

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