Download the Wilson A. Korns "Book of Sermonets"

Wilson A. Korns Book of Sermonets

The 1927 "Book of Sermonets, The Religious Observations of a Country Newspaper Man" by Wilson Allen Korns is available below in Gif format. This un-copyrighted book was published in New Philadelphia, Ohio.

How to access the pages
Depending on your internet browser software, the scanned images of the Sermonets book pages may not display at an appropriate size for viewing. Some browsers allow you to zoom in and out on scanned images for legibility, while others do not. If a scanned image does not appear legible on your browser, try downloading it to your computer by right-clicking on the image and downloading the file to your computer with a "save picture as" command. This allows you to view the image using alternate software that gives you the ability to zoom in and out. The size of each page is typically about 35KB. The book can also be downloaded complete in one 4597 KB PDF document by right clicking on this link and using the command "save target as.." to save the PDF document to your computer. Viewing of the PDF document online is not recommended due to the large file size.

Pages from the Book of Sermonets:
Photo of Wilson Allen Korns
Title Page
Table of Contents
Page 7 Where Rest is Found
Page 8
Page 9 Employment of Wise Economy
Page 10
Page 11 True Success in Life
Page 12
Page 13 Thoughtfulness in Action
Page 14
Page 15 The Peace of God
Page 16
Page 17 Hope is the Light that Leads
Page 18
Page 19 Reward in Welldoing
Page 20 The Power of Faith
Page 21 Easter-Token of a New Life
Page 22
Page 23 In Tune With God
Page 24 Calmness and Peace
Page 25 The Measure of Life's Span
Page 26
Page 27 Life to Lillian Russell Moore
Page 28
Page 29 Acknowledging One's Mistakes
Page 30
Page 31 Lincoln, the Friend of Humanity
Page 32
Page 33 Real Merit Gets Its Reward
Page 34
Page 35 President Harding's Estimate of the Bible
Page 36
Page 37 Charity is Never Lost
Page 38 Do Your Task Cheerfully
Page 39 Look Up and Look Out
Page 40
Page 41 Need of Increased Diligence
Page 42
Page 43 As to Our Future Home
Page 44
Page 45 Our Responsibility to God
Page 46 Strife and Vainglory
Page 47 Making the Round Trip
Page 48
Page 49 Faith and Courage
Page 50
Page 51 Goodness and Kindness
Page 52
Page 53 Do Not Falter in Welldoing
Page 54 "For Wisdom is Better Than Rubies"
Page 55 Paths of Righteousness
Page 56 The Bible Greatest of All Books
Page 57 Getting Acquainted With One's Soul
Page 58
Page 59 Marks of True Greatness
Page 60
Page 61 Washington and Lincoln Men of Faith
Page 62
Page 63 Patience is a Real Virtue
Page 64 Value of a Good Name
Page 65 Be Charitable to the Erring
Page 66
Page 67 Ringing of the Easter Joy Bells
Page 68
Page 69 Cure for Worry
Page 70 Where Was Paradise?
Page 71 If the Mothers Should Strike?
Page 72
Page 73 Flowers for the Living
Page 74
Page 75 "Best Woman in the Street"
Page 76 Mother's Day

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