Lydia (Korns) Weisel, Somerset County, PA

According to the 1949 book "The Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr. of Somerset County Pennsylvania", Lydia Korns, the daughter of Daniel Korns, Jr. and his wife Caroline, married George Wisel (sic). The following biography of Joseph M. Weisel has a paragraph on the family of George and Lydia (Korns) Weisel. It is from "The History of Bedford and Somerset Counties Pennsylvania", 1906 by Blackburn, Welfley and Koontz.

Biography of Joseph M. Weisel:

Lydia Korns page 230.

Lydia Korns page 231.


Joseph M. Weisel, a well-known citizen of Rockwood, Somerset County, Pennsylvania, and who has been in business there for many years, traces his descent back to Germany. His great-grandparents emigrated from Germany to this country and were among the early settlers, maing their home in the wilds of Pennsylvania when there were neither roads nor railroads in the state.

George A. Weisel, father of Joseph M. Weisel, was born in Somerset county, Pennsylvania, and followed the occupation of farming. He married Lydia A. Korns, and they have three children--Joseph M., of whom later; Charles A., born July 7, 1883, in Fayette county, Pennsylvania, where he was educated in the common schools, attending there until he was seventeen years of age. He then tried various occupations for a time, as follows: Motorman on the street cars in Pittsburg for one year; on the police force in the same city for one year; then to Rockwood and became associated with his brother in the meat business. He married, September, 1904, Annie Wilkens. The third child was S. W.

Joseph M. Weisel, eldest son and child of George A. and Lydia (Korns) Weisel, was born in Somerset county, Pennsylvania, March 23, 1881. He enjoyed the advantages of a good education in the common schools of Fayette county, Pennsylvania, which he attended until he was seventeen years old., and then worked on the farm of his father for the next three years. He then entered the employ of D. W. Bitner, near Connellsville, where he remained for eighteen months in order to get a practical knowledge of the meat business. After that he was in the employ of the Baltimore & Ohio railroad for about two years, and then returned to Rockwood and bought out the meat business of George Holtzhur, and is still engaged in the same business. He married, November 20, 1904, Elizabeth C. Wolfersberger, daughter of David H. and Catherine (Klempdelder) Wolfersberger.

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