A drawing from memory of a stone trough on Michael Korns, Sr. Homestead, Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA.

Drawing of stone trough on Michael Korns, Sr. Homestead

When I visited the Southampton Township, Somerset County, Pa farm associated with Michael Korns, Sr. in 1998-1999, I unfortunately didn't have much film in my camera. One of the unique items that was lying on the ground near the house was a trough that was carved from stone (not cement). The image above is, based on my memory, approximately what the trough looked like. The sides were rougher, but this shows the general shape of it. Someone must of had a lot of time on their hands, to want to carve such a thing out of solid rock.

In size, the trough would have been roughly 30 to 36 inches long. When I saw it, one end was broken off. The above drawing shows both ends intact.

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