Front of Korns 1850 penny

Rear of Korns 1850 penny

1850 penny from Allen Korns' Somerset County, PA farm

This 1850 one cent piece is from the Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA farm home that belonged to Allen Lester Korns, and before that Allen's father John Wilson Korns, and before that Allen's grandfather Daniel Korns. The penny was given to the owner of this website by his mother, who is the daughter of Allen Korns. She didn't know any history surrounding the coin, only that it came from her parents' house. The penny is about the size of a 20th century 50 cent piece; i.e. about twice the diameter of today's pennies. It is known as the Coronet large cent, and depicts a crowned Liberty head, with the word "Liberty" incorporated into the crown.

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