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Korns family genealogy

[page 248]

"moved their armies, when he was again honorably discharged. He received forty acres of land in Holmes County, Ohio and a pension for his war service.

The records of St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Cumberland, Maryland show the marriage date February 5, 1815 for Charles Korns and Catherine Uhl (1797-1873), daughter of Charles Uhl (1761-1827) and Catherine Close Uhl (1765-1831) of Allegany County, Maryland.

Charles and Catherine Uhl Korns traveled west to Holmes, County, Ohio and settled in Monroe Township of that county. They also owned land in Hardy Township, Holmes County, Ohio. Charles Korns was registered for purchase of 100 acres of land in the Military Tract, Holmes County, Ohio February 3, 1824.

A family genealogy states 'They paid $100 and a horse for 100 acres of land in 1815. It was government land. Later they bought 60 acres and cleared it and built the house that still stands. They lived three miles west of Millersburg, Ohio and reared eleven children. Both died in Holmes County and are buried in the Lutheran Church Cemetery five miles southwest of Millersburg.' (Monroe Lutheran Churchyard). A family anecdote is that Catherine Uhl Korns was 'drowned on her way to Church when the horse stumbled and fell in the river.' Both Charles and Catherine Korns spoke German and read a German Bible but would not teach their children the German language.

Their children were: Susan Korns married Simon Hay; Lydia Korns married Simon Moore; (Great grandparents of the writer) Catharine Korns, born April 20, 1820 in Holmes County married February 25, 1838 (Holmes County Courthouse) John C. Thompson (1813-1878) of Pa. They migrated west but later returned to Beaver County, Pennsylvania and settled on Wallace Run, Big Beaver Township. They had nine children. Catherine Korns Thompson died in 1883. Both are buried in the Reformed Presbyterian Churchyard, Darlington, Pennsylvania; Lucinda Korns, 1822, married Ben Beagle; Lavina Korns, 1826, married William Davis; Julia Korns, 1829, married Zebb Harrison; Mary Polly Korns, 1832, married (1) Davenport; (2) Aaron Patterson; Charles William Korns, Jr., 1837, married Anna Elizabeth Knight; Silas Wright Korns, 1843, married Ann Amanda Witcraft; Elizabeth Korns (Eliza) married McCulla (McCullough) of Pennsylvania; Michael Korns. Submitted by Mrs. Lois Clowes Witherspoon


Ernest Edmund Korns, the sixth and youngest child of Edmund L. and Agnes Sipe Korns, was born on September 19, 1891 in Jenner Township. Ernest was born and raised on his parent's farm near Gray. On January 1st, 1915 Ernest married Stella Cleo Glessner. The marriage was performed by Rev. Edwin O. Marks, minister of the St. Pauls' Reformed Church of Johnstown. Stella was born on August 22, 1890, the daughter of William H. and Sarh [sic] Stahl Glessner.

After working in the open hearth of Bethelem [sic] Steel Company of Johnstown for six years, Ernst turned to farming as an occupation. Together Ernest and Stella owned and/or operated several farms, first in Berks County and later in Somerset County. In 1936 they purchased the Horner farm outside of Boswell. Ernest continued farming the Boswell farm, with brief indulgences in mining, until his retirement.

Ernest and Stella raised two children, Dr. W.R. Korns of Somerset, and Jeanne Elizabeth Korns Clark of Old Lyme, Conn. They have nine grandchildren and five great grandchildren.

Ernest died on June 18, 1977 and is buried in the Mount Laurel United Church of Christ (Beams) Cemetery near Gray.

Stella, a member of the Mt. Laurel Church, enjoys church, making rugs, and the latter years of life. Stella still resides on the Boswell farm, and is looking forward to moving to the church home in Greenville. Submitted for Stella Korns


William P., the third child and second son of Dr. and Mrs. W.R. Korns of Somerset, was born and raised in Somerset. Growing up, Bill enjoyed Bob Reed's scout troop., drawing and skiing. He attended Somerset Schools where he played football and wrestled. After High School graduation he enrolled in California State College. At CSC he was active in the AKL Fraternity and some sports. Bill graduated from CSC with a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Arts Education in 1969. Later, he returned to CSC to complete a Master's Degree and to do additional graduate work.

While at CSC he met Mickee who wanted a ride in his '48 hearse. Mickee is the daughter of Howard M. and Doris Pencil Reppert of Bedford. One line of Mickee's ancestors can be traced back to Carl Smouse (Schmaus) born in 1281. Mickee was born and raised in Bedford. Growing up she enjoyed Girl Scouts, music and crafts. After graduation from Bedford High School, she attended California State College. She graduated from CSC in 1970 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Special and Elementary Education.

Bill and Mickee were married in 1969 and started housekeeping in Boswell, where Bill taught. Mickee did some teaching prior to the raising of a family. Bill and Mickee have three children, Jason, Justin, and Erin. In 1973 the family moved to Somerset where they purchased a house.

Bill enjoys teaching and is currently a teacher for the North Star School District. He is active in several professional associations and recently participated in an evaluation of a New Jersey College. With interests in education, Bill is currently working toward an advanced degree at the University of Pittsburgh.

Mickee, active in the Somerset PTA and Sunday School, enjoys collecting depression glass and other antiques, and doing ceramics and crafts. Also an avid reader, she finds time to help the children decorate the house windows for the different holidays and seasons.

Together the family has enjoyed camping, participation in the AYSO soccer league, and is looking forward to helping Mickee as a Den Mother for the Cub Scouts. With some backward help from the children the family is making progress fixing up their house on the outskirts of Somerset. Submitted by William P. Korns


William Robert (Robert) Korns, son of Ernest and Stella Glessner Korns, was born two houses from his present home in 1915. He attended the public schools of Somerset and graduated in 1931 from Somerset High School. He attended Johnstown Center, University of Pittsburgh for three years before entering the School of Veterinary Medicine University of Pennsylvania, from which he graduated in 1939 with a V.M.D. degree. His early working career included the jobs of Deputy Sheriff of Somerset County, cook for a CCC unit near Trent, and janitor. While at Berkey's Locker Plant of Somerset he met Frieda, whom he married in 1939.

Frieda Louise Weyand, daughter of Preston Daniel and Berta Kutzner Weyand, was born in Confluence in 1913. Frieda is a descendant of Michael Schultz, the subject of a genealogical study published in 1963 by Charles Ross Shultz. Frieda attended the public schools and graduated from the Cambria Rowe Business School of Johnstown.

In 1939 Robert started a veterinary practice on East Catherine Street in Somerset. As the practice grew he moved it and their residence to East Main Street. Specializing in large animals, the practice grew to one of the largest geographically in the state. Since then, Robert has retired from the large animal practice and is employed by the U.S.D.A. overseeing meat inspection.

Robert was a member of the Somerset Township and the Somerset Borough School Boards. He served as president of the Somerset Area School Board and the Somerset County School Board. In 1956 he was elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, where he served until 1964. He is a member of various veterinary associations, of Masonic bodies, the Somerset Rotary Club, and is a member of the Somerset Community Hospital Board. He is a member of St. Paul's United Church of Christ, and is serving as an elder. One of the 'heaviest' accomplishments for Robert was his dieting and loss of two hundred pounds. The loss put 'little doc' in a fashion show for Weight Watchers.

Frieda contributed to her husband's accomplishments by running the office for the veterinary practice. This, and trying to keep track of their five children, was a major achievement. She has memories of pulling kids out of mine shafts, chasing runaway horses and dogs, the old CB call letters of KGB 499, stitching up cuts, and having the neighborhood kids congregate in the office waiting for the school bus.

They enjoy traveling and have visited all fifty states, Australia, Africa, India, New Zealand, South America and Europe. Their five children are their greatest pride; Barbara Ann (Swanson), Richard Edmund, William Preston, Roberta Louise (Miller), and Linda Jeanne (Troll). They are especially proud that all graduated from college, four with Master's degrees, the fifth close to completion and one in a PhD program.

Currently Frieda enjoys babysitting the grandchildren, and going to garage sales. Robert enjoys his diesel Rabbit. While he keeps busy with his work and activities, he always finds time for coffee at the 'Pine Grill'. Submitted for Dr. W. Robert Korns."

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