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L. Dietle

May 26, 2007


Henry Korns-son of Charles Korns& Catherine Minnich

Posted by Anne Perry on 7/10/2006, 1:00 pm

I have been searching for Henry Korns. He is my
ggrandfather. He married Harriet Watkins in 1852.
He was a volunteer in the 26th Indiana Regiment.
He was killed in the Civil War. I can find no
record of his death or where he is buried. My grandfather was Edwin Forest Korns, son of
Henry Korns & Harriet Watkins.
I have read about the 26th Indiana Regiment in
Prairie Grove Battle. I haven't seen his name
associated with the Battle. It is less than 100 miles from where I live now. There are a lot of men killed there. Would appreciate hearing any information concerning this. Thanks in Advance.


Posted by L. Dietle on 12/24/2006, 1:29 pm, in reply to "LINK REMOVED, NO LONGER VALIDHenry Korns-son of Charles Korns& Catherine Minnich"

The National Park System website lists three men by the last name of Corn in that regiment, two in Company C. The middle initials of two are listed, but for the one named "John Corn", the middle initial is not listed. Since many Germans had the first name of John or Johann, and it was typical for many Germans to be known to the public only by their middle name, maybe "John Corn" is your ancestor; i.e. maybe his entire name was John Henry Korns. Here's the three names from the 26th Indiana Regimental roster:

Corn, John C Private Private
Corn, Joseph W. C Private Private
Corn, Joshua T. H Private Private

Names are often grossly mis-spelled on such rosters, but the National Archives records typically give the names of spouses, birth places and such, so it is often possible to figure out if it's the right person or not. I suggest you try getting the National Archives recrods for John Corn, and see if he is who you are looking for.

L. Dietle



For a small fee, the National Archives will photocopy the original Civil War records of any union soldier for you; the only trick is that you have to find and use the right form. There are two types of records, each with a small fee; I suggest that you order both. I haven't done it in many years, so I don't remember how to get the forms, but nowadays there is probably a National Archives website with downloadable forms.


L. Dietle



Korns descendants in Poweshiek Cty IA

Posted by Richard Korns on 3/21/2006, 2:30 pm

I am just checking in as I do occasionally. If anyone is looking for information on the Korns families of Poweshiek County, Iowa, perhaps I can help. I am descended from William Korns, son of Michael.


Posted by Frede Stickle on 4/7/2006, 11:09 pm, in reply to "LINK REMOVED, NO LONGER VALIDKorns descendants in Poweshiek Cty IA"

My grandmother on my father's side was Jean Korns
Stickle. Her father's name was Jacob Korns who lived in Grinnell. I have the discharge Paper from the Civil War he received. It states that he was from Millersburg, Ohio. Would you be related to Jacob? Fred


Posted by Janice Korns on 11/2/2006, 2:55 pm, in reply to "LINK REMOVED, NO LONGER VALIDRe: Korns descendants in Poweshiek Cty IA"

Hello, my daugher is in the 10th grade at BGM and they have to do a family tree. My father is Bill Korns, my grandfather was Calvin Korns of Hartwick. Would you happen to have afamily tree or know where I could go to find one. I have the website that has helped me a little bit.
Thank you
Janice Korns


Posted by Fred Stickle on 11/6/2006, 8:32 am, in reply to "LINK REMOVED, NO LONGER VALIDRe: Korns descendants in Poweshiek Cty IA"

I received your message. My grandmother was Jean Korns. Her father was Jacob Korns. He was born in Millersburg Ohio and moved to Iowa to buy land and set up farming. He was in the war between the states. I have his discharge papers where he served with other Iowans and was discharged for health reasons while serving in Memphis, Tenn. All his children were girls and so the Knorns name was not carried on. I have more information I will try to look up and get back to you.
I grew up in Iowa but now live in Bowling Green, KY where I teach at Western Ky University. My phone # is 270-782-0381. I would love to hear from you. I am sure that we are related. Fred Stickle



I would love to have a copy of Jacob Korns' discharge papers for the website if you have the time sometime to scan or photocopy them.

L. Dietle


Posted by Fred Stickle on 12/4/2006, 9:46 am, in reply to "LINK REMOVED, NO LONGER VALIDJacob Korns discharge papers"

L., I have made a copy of the discharge paper and would be willing to send it to you if you would provide me with your address. I do not know how to scan it and send it through e-mail. Thank you Fred Stickle
1716 Normal Drive
Bowling Green KY 42101
My e-mail is fred.stickle


Posted by L. Dietle on 12/24/2006, 12:15 pm, in reply to "LINK REMOVED, NO LONGER VALIDRe: Jacob Korns discharge papers"

Thanks Fred, they are now posted on the website.





More Korns geneology information

Posted by Michael Korns on 12/16/2004, 6:32 pm

Hi - I am a descendant of Karl Korns. I have the Korns book by Charles Byron Korns, unfortunately, the book is about 70 years out of date re our family. Here follows my current information as to my paternal line:

Korns, Eberhardt: (1604 b= Erbes-Budesheim 1659 d= Erbes-Budesheim ?)
Korns, Michael Sr: (b= Erbes-Budesheim 1689 d= Kriegsfeldt Rheinland 1746)
Korns, Karl: (b= Kriegsfeldt Rheinland 1725 d= Berks Co.,PA 1778)
Korns, Michael Jr: (b= Berks Co.,PA 1760 d= Wellersburg, PA 1824)
Korns, William: (b= Somerset Co PA 1806 d= Homes Co Ohio 1864)
Korns, Joseph: (b= Homes Co Ohio 1831 d= Dixon Illinois 1925)
Korns, Francis: (b= Dixon Illinois 1873 d=Des Moines Iowa 1933)
Korns, Richard: (b=Des Moines Iowa 1909 d=Durango Colorado 1989)
Korns, Michael: (b=Minneapolis Minnesota 1945)

We have a wonderful family!

Michael F. Korns



Re: More Korns geneology information

Posted by Kathie Korns Buchanan on 8/10/2005, 9:20 pm, in reply to "LINK REMOVED, NO LONGER VALIDMore Korns geneology information"

Hi, I am the daughter of Audrey Jean Korns, Daughter of Dewey C. (Commordore) (Commodore) Korns b. 1897, d. 1953 m. Ethel Arzula Ringler b. Nov. 6, 1897, d.March 27, 1991.
My mother told me that Dewey's parents were Jacob Korns and Margaret Burkett. I have looked at most of the site and have not seen these names in a search, except for Jacob Korn from the "Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr." However, these dates would not match, and I did not notice another Jacob listed under these trees except for the one in Hyndman, Bedford Co.,PA. My grandparents had alot of connections to Wellersburg as well. Dewey once owned an apple orchard and land here in Somerset, near Listie/ Acosta, called "ADAMS". There was a beautiful house there near the RR tracks which I lived in briefly as a small child in 1953-54 ot thereabouts. Dewey was a coal miner. He was in the navy in 1898 in the Spanish-American War.
He often argued politics in letters to the editor Henry Riley Baker of the Somerset Newspaper ("Daily American".) He had brothers and sisters:

Mahlon b. abt 1895/96, R: 1900, 1930 Somerset, PA Other: MD
d. 1976 Bedford, PA

(M.) Joseph b. abt. 1890, R: Somerset, PA
d. 1963, Somerset, PA

(A.) Clayton b. 1888, R: 1900 Somerset, PA

Cyntha (Cynthia) b. abt. 1893 R: 1900 Somerset, PA

(M.) Orpha b. 1891, R: 1900 Somerset, PA
d. ("Consumption prior to 1931" oral history as per Audrey Jean Korns-Buchanan.)

I am still searching the censuses for more info.
My mother, Audrey Korns could not be sure of the other brothers name.. possibly Luther, who died of lung cancer prior to 1931 ( I have found noone named Luther in the Somerset censuses, but have found: John H. b. abt. 1895, R: 1930 Somerset, PA

I live in Somerset County, near Shanksville, PA
If anyone has any further leads for me I would surely appreciate it. Thanks!
Kathie Ann Buchanan My Other family names are: (Maternal: Lowry/Ringler;Lowry/Mostoller;Mostoller/Ringler;
(Paternal: Buchanan/Baker;Buchanan/Korns)
I have alot of info on most but hit dead ends on Samuel Lowry/m.Susanah ______ I have an old German Bible with names I found in,
Gen-Web, Censuses, etc. Now this "dead end" with Dewey C. Korns. I really like your site and will work on list of what is needed in Somerset, since I live here and may have access to records. I am a disabled teacher and not driving at the moment, but hope to be soon.
Also, the Baker line... Dr. Marcellus Harold Baker...


Posted by Rich on 1/4/2006, 12:36 pm, in reply to "LINK REMOVED, NO LONGER VALIDRe: More Korns geneology information"

Hi I am researching my Ringler family name and came across your family history. I can not help but notice that my Ringler line comes from the Somerset area as well and I am interested in how you are connected to the Ringler family.


Posted by Michael Korns on 12/19/2004, 9:52 pm, in reply to "LINK REMOVED, NO LONGER VALIDRe: More Korns geneology information"


Thanks to you and all for setting up this wonderful site for our family.

Yes, I also have the Byron book handed done from father to son.

I was only born in Minneapolis. Now I live in Las Vegas where it is considerably warmer.

Merry Christmas

Michael Korns


Posted by William L (Bill) Korns on 1/8/2005, 11:10 am, in reply to "LINK REMOVED, NO LONGER VALIDRe: More Korns geneology information"

I did meet with Michael in Vegas two years ago.. Have not been able to work with my records much of late. Did meet with the Richard (11) korns family last year.. From George Korns to Dorwin to Richard to Richard 2 to Jacob and Megan, and also with his brother Barry Korns...I also correspond with "Storoitaly", email name, who is from the extended Korns Family of SE USA... God speed and thank you for your wonderful work..

Posted by
L. Dietle on 8/12/2005, 10:08 pm, in reply to "LINK REMOVED, NO LONGER VALIDRe: More Korns geneology information"


Thanks for taking the time to upload your family information, and offering to dig into local records for the site. Dewey C. Korns is listed on page 84 of the "Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr.", which you can download from this website in PDF format. He's in Chapter III, the Daniel Korns branch, and it lists Audrey "Jane" Korns as his daughter. I wonder if Mahlon, his brother, is the "Mahl" Korns that lived in a cabin on a small farm back of my Grandad Allen Korn's farm in Southampton township. My uncle owns that Mahlon's farm now-I suppose it's the same person. If I remember correctly, there was a stone walled cabin with a small wooden kitchen added on, and he and his brother lived there. I'm trying to remember things that I saw and heard in 1969, and I have to admit some of it is a little fuzzy. I'll have to check with my uncle or cousin. The cabin walls were fallen in in 1969, but the chimney was still standing.


L. Dietle
Houston, Texas


Posted by L. Dietle on 8/14/2005, 8:28 pm, in reply to "LINK REMOVED, NO LONGER VALIDDewey C. Korns"

I checked with my mother, and it was Mahlon and his brother Sherman that lived on the little farm beside my grandfather Allen Korns farm.


Posted by Kathie Korns Buchanan on 8/11/2005, 12:16 am, in reply to "LINK REMOVED, NO LONGER VALIDRe: More Korns geneology information"

Well, I JUST DID connect my Dewey C. Korns to his father Jacob A. Korns,m. Margaret Burkett, found the info on Family He wasn't listed but all the KNOWN siblings were! (Jacob A. was son of Daniel Korns, m. Caroline Tressler who was Son of Daniel B. Korns m. Elizabeth Reiber (Reiver), WHOSE FATHER WAS Michael Korns, Sr. after all... and now I can go to (Johann) Carl (Charles) Korn, Mauxatawney, Berks Co., PA, which is Allentown today,and even further back thanks to you all here! Thanks so much for the leads here ... It all Matches. Now back to! Thank you COUSINS!!!!
And of course, I still have the ongoing searches for the other names I mentioned in previous post.


Posted by Kathie Korns Buchanan on 1/24/2006, 1:15 pm, in reply to "LINK REMOVED, NO LONGER VALIDDewey C. Korns"

Thank you everyone. I found the site and Dewey C. or Commodore Dewey Korns,my Maternal Grandfather. My mother is Audrey JEAN, not Jane as listed in Chapter 3 on site (PDF). I do have pics but cannot scan at this time due to set-up problems. I also have an old metal SS card for Dewey and I believe his marriage certificate to my Gradmother Ethel (Lowry/Mostoller) Ringler. Will try to get the photos to you at some point. I have replied to some of you privately. I had the replies go to JUNK mail so I didn't see your replies until today. THANKS for all the help! Now to work on Lowry (Lowrey) and Dr. Marcellus Harold Baker...



Thanks for adding a link to on your website. I added a link to your page on the related links page .




Lois Elaine Pile Mihalich

Posted by Kathryn Mihalich on 9/26/2004, 6:10 pm

My mother, daughter of Burdella Pearl Johnston and Charles Edgar Pile had her appendix removed by Doc Korns at Latrobe Hospital. His father was their family doctor. Great to see the site and enjoy the memories of Somerset County.



Mary Madgaline Korns

Posted by Sharon Hawkins on 5/25/2004, 1:27 am

Hi, Mary Madgaline Korns was my great, great, great, great, great grandmother. I descend from her daughter Rebecca Beal, then Catherine Sturtz, Elizabeth Beal, Mary Ann Cox, Marie Hay, Joseph Nevitt(my Father) and finally Me, Sharon Nevitt Hawkins. Just discovered this site and I love it. Hoping to make a trip to Meyersdale, Pa. this summer.(that is where my Grandmother, Marie E Hay and My father was born. I will definitely check out Wellersburg, Pa. Thanks I have downloaded the book and will read it soon,



Jacob son of Carl Korn/Korns Family Line

Hi all,

I am looking for information on the Jacob Korns line. My wife is Sarah Korns Payne, her father is Richard Gary Korns, her grandfather was Clifford W. Korns, her gg-gf was Wauseon O. Korns (gg-gm Grace M Stull), her ggg-gf was Sanford Leander Korns (ggg-gm Sarah Marie Christopher), her gggg-gf was John Joseph? Korns (gggg-gm Sussana Ashton), her ggggg-gf was Jacob Korn/Korns (ggggg-gm Chathrine ??despite what the family book says on this. His wife was not Elizabeth. Chathrine is burried with Jacob Korn in Berlin, Homes County OH). gggggg-gf Carl Korns, ggggggg-gf was Michael, and ggggggggg-gf was Eberhart. Does anyone have any info on this line. The Korns family book that is on the web has very little about this line in it. Plus it has a few mistakes from what a been told by my wife's aunt Janet Korns. Any help on this line would be great.


Brian Payne



KORNS Family- Eastern Shore of VA

Posted by E C MacFarland on 3/6/2003, 11:23 am

Want info on Flora Korns, marr Oscar E Scott, Eastern Shore of VA...Mac


Old medicine bottle/C B Korns, MD.

Posted by P. Schliffka on 1/16/2003, 11:06 pm

Korns Decendants:
I'm originally from a small town in Pa. that is fairly close to Somerset/Berlin. Recently I dug up what appears to be an old medicine bottle with C B Korns MD on it. (The letters are all worn off, but if you hold the bottle just right, you can see where they were.)This bottle was found in an old trash pile behind my parents'home.
Could this bottle be from Charles B. Korns, MD, who was one of your descendants?
Please e-mail me & help solve this puzzle!!


Posted by L. Dietle on 1/19/2003, 7:46 pm, in reply to "LINK REMOVED, NO LONGER VALIDOld medicine bottle/C B Korns, MD."

Yes-he fits into this family, and thanks for sharing the information. Charles Byron Korns, Sr. was a Somerset Co. MD, and also the author of the Korns Genealogy that is posted on this web site in PDF format at LINK REMOVED, NO LONGER VALID

That book has a section on Dr. Korns and his family, if you would like to read up on him.


L. Dietle



Daniel Korns Branch - John Korns

Posted by Ann Mullen on 10/27/2002, 6:47 pm

In reviewing the Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr, Chapter III, Daniel Korns Branch, I notice there is really very little written of his 4th son, John Korns. There is no listing of his progeny. I found this curios and wondered if anyone knew the reason.


Posted by L. Dietle on 6/22/2003, 5:01 pm, in reply to "LINK REMOVED, NO LONGER VALIDDaniel Korns Branch - John Korns"

A descendant is supposed to be mailing information on the John Korns branch for this website; stay posted.


Posted by Ann Mullen on 6/22/2003, 7:47 pm, in reply to "LINK REMOVED, NO LONGER VALIDRe: Daniel Korns Branch - John Korns"

Thanks L., I'll be anxiously awaiting.


Posted by Donna Londeen on 4/13/2005, 2:07 pm, in reply to "LINK REMOVED, NO LONGER VALIDRe: Daniel Korns Branch - John Korns"

John D. Korns is my daughter's 4th great-grandfather. Her line is John's daughter Emma J. Korns. I have a photo of Emma.
Contact me if you are interested in more information.


Posted by L. Dietle on 8/12/2005, 10:14 pm, in reply to LINK REMOVED, NO LONGER VALIDRe: Daniel Korns Branch - John Korns"

I would like to have a scan of the photo of Emma J. Korns for the website.


Posted by Fred Stickle on 4/7/2006, 11:45 pm, in reply to "LINK REMOVED, NO LONGER VALIDEmma J. Korns"

I believe I have pictures of Emma Korns but it will take some time to put my hands on them. I have the discharge papers of Jacob Korns from the Civil War. I also have a chair that Emma and Jacob had in Grinnell Iowa. My grandmother was Jean Korns Stickle. Are you related to Emma and Jacob Korns? My Dad had pictures and other materials but I have not gone through the materials since he died. It is on my "to do list" Looking forward to hearing from you. Fred


Posted by L. Dietle on 4/8/2006, 10:42 am, in reply to "LINK REMOVED, NO LONGER VALIDRe: Emma J. Korns"


I'm related; my mother was a Korns from Somerset County. Her dad was Allen, son of John Wilson, son of Daniel Jr, son of Daniel Sr., son of Michael Korns, Sr.

The things that you mentioned would be interesting additions to the website, if you have time to send copies.


L. Dietle


Posted by L. Dietle on 6/25/2003, 7:50 pm, in reply to "LINK REMOVED, NO LONGER VALIDRe: Daniel Korns Branch - John Korns"

I did receive the package from the John D. Korns descendant. There is a lot of material, and it will take a while to get it all scanned and posted, but for a tantalizing start:

For a brief obituary of John D. Korns, son of Daniel Sr., see

For the obituary of John Edward Korns, son of John D. Korns, see

For an obituary of Jacob, brother of John D. Korns, see

For an obituary of Jacob’s wife, see

For pictures of the tombstone of John D Korns, Jacob Korns, and others, see


L. Dietle


Posted by L. Dietle on 11/7/2002, 12:08 pm


I don't have the answer to your question, but just in case you missed it, page 88 of the CBK book (online) says that John moved west with his brother Solomon in 1855, and was living in Tama County, Iowa circa 1864. If you wanted to search public records for John, then Tama County, Iowa would be a good place to start.



Posted by Barry Korns on 12/5/2002, 1:06 pm

There is a headstone located in Unionville, Putnam County, Missouri with the name John Korns.
Dates I have no idea. I flow from Daniel through Solomon. My gparents are both buried in that cemetary. Might also be a place to start



Rebecca Korns Witt

Posted by Merikay Mestad on 9/14/2002, 11:41 pm

I am descended from Michael and Susanna Korns through Rebecca Korns (or as she is sometimes called Margaret) to Rachel Witt b. 28 Sep 1818 m. Philip Wilhelm. They lived on the PA/MD line (Allegany Co., MD side) at Wellersburg, PA, before moving to Lee Co., IL. Their son Jonathan P. Wilhem married Adeline Marteeny, who was from Somerset County. Their daughter Maude Wilhelm, my grandmother, was born a few months after they moved to Grundy County, Iowa, in 1880.

Other Korns descendants from Southampton Twp., PA, also bought land in neighboring sections in Iowa, but not all moved there.
-Kay Mestad


Hi from another Korns descendent!

Posted by Carolyn Davis on 7/26/2002, 4:03 pm

Found your site via the Korns message board. Lavina Korns, daughter of Charles Korns, was my gg grandmother - she married William Davis. Their son Benjamin Franklin (often named Frank in family papers, and in the Korns book, I note) was my g grandfather. Wonder if any other descendents of Lavina and William are out there...


Posted by L. Dietle on 8/1/2002, 7:56 am

I don't suppose that you are the Carolyn Davis who works at Polk, PA?


Posted by Carolyn Davis on 8/1/2002, 11:31 am

Nope, sorry! I live in Minnesota.

By the way, I have photographs of the headstones of Lavina KORNS DAVIS, and her husband William A. DAVIS; as well as photos of the headstones of Charles KORNS and Catherine UHL KORNS, and an old photo of the Monroe Lutheran Church (no longer in existence). If anyone is interested, I could arrange to scan them ...


Posted by Carolyn Davis on 8/1/2002, 12:48 pm

L.: I'm going on vacation for a couple weeks; while I'm in Montana visiting my family, I'll see if my sister can scan the photos for me. I'll put up a post when I get them, or I suppose I could e-mail them as attachments to you.



I found the site!

Posted by Emily Dietle on 2/14/2002, 12:07 am

Hi, I am L.'s daughter Emily, and I recenty re-discovered this site. Dad, congradulations, it is a great learning tool. Thankyou for all of your hard work, I really appreciate it.


Posted by L. Dietle on 2/14/2002, 8:49 pm

Hi girly-cue! Glad you like the site.



Marilyn B. Korns

Posted by Daryl Korns on 1/22/2002, 8:50 pm

We are receiving postcards asking for information from the University of Kentucky Alumni Directory for a Marilyn B. Korns who graduated in 1966 with a BA in Education. My wife's name is Marilyn but her middle initial is not B and she never attended the University of Kentucky. Marilyn B. Korns is probably a relative but I don't have a clue. Anyone have any information?



Korns Genealogy published 1949

Posted by Daryl Korns on 1/17/2002, 6:25 pm

Who knows how many errors are in this book. My father's first name is misspelled and so is my grandmother's maiden name.



Korns descendent

Posted by Rosemary Wade on 12/4/2001, 10:43 pm

I'm another KORNS descendent. My line is down from Catherine KORNS, daughter of Michael KORNS Sr
who married Jacob KIMERER. Then to their son, Michael KORNS KIMERER who married Nancy DAVENPORT.
Their daughter, Susan KIMERER, who married David
CRUTCHFIELD, was my great grandmother. Their daughter, Mary CRUTCHFIELD, who married Andrew
HAMILTON, was my grandmother. Would welcome hearing from other descendents.


Posted by Jim Kimerer on 7/5/2003, 11:41 pm, in reply to "LINK REMOVED, NO LONGER VALIDKorns descendent"

Our family is from Martin Kimerer , who setteled in Sutter Co. Calif. 1850s..Still a large number in the area..


Posted by Daryl Korns on 1/17/2002, 6:12 pm

See my response to Richard Korns' message at this web site.




Posted by Ann L. Mitchell on 10/10/2001, 9:46 pm

Hi Looking for William Korns b.1848 d.1921 and his wife Olinda Berkshire b. 1855 d. 1939 they were married 4-23-1876. Our Korns are from Ohio in the Tuscawaras area. We are trying to some family searching. Any help would be appreciated
William and Olinda had children one is Paul Korns
who is my Grandfather, he married Wilma Stoffer.
Thank you Ann L. Mitchell


Posted by L. Dietle on 10/15/2001, 6:07 pm

Do you know where your William Korns was born, or what his middle initial was?

There were two books in my grandfather's house in Southampton Township, Somerset County,. PA signed "William C. Korns". The books were "Ten Nights in a Bar-Room and What I Saw There" by T.S. Arthur, undated, and "Life of Henry Ward Beecher". I would guess they are both from the early 1900's, based on their binding. The the house where the books were found was formerly owned by John Wilson Korns and before that, his father Daniel Korns, Jr.

I have never been able to figure out who this William C. Korns was; I wonder if he is the person you are inquiring about?


Posted by L. Dietle on 2/17/2005, 9:50 pm, in reply to "LINK REMOVED, NO LONGER VALIDWilliam Korns"

For new information on who the William C. Korns was whose name was in books at the Allen Korns farm may have been, see


Posted by Daryl Korns on 1/17/2002, 3:01 pm

I have a copy of the Michael Korns , Sr. Genealogy but because webtv can't handle it I'm unable to access it online. Is the Daniel Korns, Jr. in your message the father of Wilson Korns (no mention of the name John) whose picture appears on page 83? If so, is it possible that the William Korns you are looking for is William Henry Korns listed on page 87 (birth date April 7, 1862? Handwriting is sometimes difficult to read.


Posted by L. Dietle on 1/17/2002, 4:29 pm

Yes, Daniel Korns Jr. is the father of the Wilson Korns on page 83. I'm sure my guy who signed the books is William C. Korns-the handwriting is clear; see LINK REMOVED, NO LONGER VALID for copies of the signatures.

But you basic theory is interesting, who knows, maybe the "Henry" middle name is wrong on page 87...


Posted by Daryl Korns on 1/17/2002, 6:02 pm

Sorry I can't be of more help. I'm from the Charles Korns Branch of the family and don't even know much about my own branch except that I can trace all the way back from myself to Carl (Charles) Korn.



Korns family

Posted by Richard Korns on 9/27/2001, 3:13 pm

Hi - I am a descendant of Michael Korns, Sr. through his youngest son, William. I have the Korns book by Charles Byron Korns, and I have up to date information on William's descendants after the publication of the book. The book is about 70 years out of date re our family. It is good to know there are other Korns out there. Richard.


Posted by Daryl Korns on 1/17/2002, 2:36 pm

Hello Richard. I also have a copy of the Michael Korns, Sr. Genealogy. I am a member of the Charles Korns branch. Although I am not listed in the book (I was born before the 1949 publishing date) you will find a picture of my great grandfather on page 124 and a picture of my grandfather's twin brother on page 129.


Posted by Richard Korns on 9/22/2005, 6:40 pm, in reply to "LINK REMOVED, NO LONGER VALIDRe: Korns family"

I had lost this message site since 2001, but have found it again. I am one of the descendants of the Poweshiek country, Iowa Korns families. A descendant of Moses Korns, through Elmer J. Korns, through Everett R. Korns. I am not listed in the Korns book. I can give information to anyone interested about the Korns families in Poweshiek County, Ia since 1930 up to date with some exceptions and I can link you with others Korns families in the area. Anyone interested?



Posts from old guest book formerly on this web site

Posted by L. Dietle on 7/15/2001, 9:59 pm

Message from administrator:

The messages below are from a guest book that was formerly on this web site. Other messages that were on an old message board were unfortunately lost due to technical problems beyond my control. L. Dietle

- 12/20/00 23:57:14


REPLY FROM WEBMASTER TO PREVIOUS MESSAGES To All: Thanks for the kind comments regarding this web site; they are very much appreciated. To John Reiber: I received your book and am enjoying it; kudos for the good work. To Don Korns: I am glad to make your acquaintance. Do you have any plans to publish all or part of your “Ultimate Family Tree” information on the internet? If so, I could put a link to it from this site. To Do you have links to the Korns family? To 09/02/00 02:21:45 anonymous: In the photos the ventilation slots do look very much like gun ports, but not all of them are really wide enough to allow a rifle or musket forearm to project through very well so I have never been willing to state that I think they actually are gun ports. Personally, I suspect that the slots are narrow on the outside to minimize rain penetration, and wide on the inside to maximize ventilation communication area. It is known that Michael Korns had a number of firearms, including a pistol. Particularly in view of the pistol, one can assume that from time to time Michael Korns thought of personal defense. The stout barricades on the contemporary Lepley house nearby also confirms that the settlers of that day were conscious of the need for self defense. Further, it is known that the Korns house was a community gathering place, so it may be remotely possible that they intentionally made the buildings tenable from a defensive standpoint, but who knows? I would defer in this regard to someone who knows more about early American construction than I do, which is precious little. In regards to the date stone, it was unfortunately hauled away when that portion of the barn collapsed and was repaired with other materials. To Raymond Korns: Outstanding! I am glad the site was able to help you. To I am not actively doing any research at present.

- 12/15/00 17:46:15


L., I finally got back to look at more of your Korns Webb site, including the Lepley Family. Was pleased to find John Getz had contributed info on the Reiber/Lepley cemetery as well asthe Lepley Cemetery. I had not seen the Lepley Webb site before. Was good and see my friend and fellow genealogist, Conrad Laepple of Mannheim, Germany was mentioned and that some of his letters to Marguerite Lepley Cockley were included. You have done a marvalous job of di playing data on your webb Page. More later as I have time to do more reading. John R. Reiber.

- 12/01/00 01:37:57


Hi: Virginia sent me an e-mail with your site. I have not had time to look at all of it, but it looks like you have put a lot of work into it. I am Donald W. Korns (Don). I am in the same generation as Richard (Dick) Korns. I am in the John Korns,Sr line. My grandfather was John Steele Korns and Great grandfather was David Korns, the son of John Korns Sr. I also have the line of Daniel Korns, brother of John Korns,Sr., which I received from Thurman Dewey Korns who is also in my generation. I have all my information in Ultimate Family Tree program. I go back as far as Eberhardt Korns, Grandfather of Johann Carl "Chas" Korns Keep up the good work. Don Korns, Olympia, WA E-mail:

- 11/21/00 04:01:06


Thank you for a very informative view of the Wellersburg area. My Great-Great Grandmother was Mary Entler Carleton Houx. She is buried at the Lutheran Church next to her Grandson John W. Houx. His Mother was Mary M. Witt Houx.

- 11/12/00 09:30:53


This site is wonderful! I was thrilled to see the pictures of my husband's ancestors. Michael Korns was Larry's 4th Great-Grandfather. Thanks so much. -- Sandy Troutman

- 10/09/00 14:52:39


Hi L., I copied a good bit of this to enter in my Barnes Family Genealogy. You did a fine job. Leo Hoarty I seek individual photos.


- 09/02/00 02:21:45


Trouble with my computer, so cannot read your "guestbook" but sign-in seems to be working for me. I have a friend, a Mrs. Big, from Ottumwa, Iowa, whose maiden name was Korn, and she is interested in the Bigg genealogy, but has no computer. Therefore, I f und myself at your Bigg site. I understand the "barn" that you have pictures of, MIGHT have what appears to me as possible GUN-SLOTS, for defense of the building, by the fact that it has larger "inside" openings than "outside" ones. I have seen old forts built with this style of slott d windows in them, Could this building be an unknown historic "fort?" The missing corner stone might have told something of historic value about the building, if it could be located. Are there any museums in the area, who might have the corner-stone?

- 09/01/00 08:48:19


Just stumbled onto your site while trying a new multiple search engine. The site has never shown up on other engines but I'm amazed at the detail and depth of your research. I hail originally from Dayton, Ohio. My mother, Eileen (Folz) Korns still live in Centerville (outside Dayton) and is 82 and going strong! My father, Howard Albert Korns, an architect, was the son of Edward Korns, a fire-captain and former rabbit farmer from West Milton, Ohio. I know very little of the family history as no one wo ld talk about Ed Korns parents to me. Your site has re-kindled my interest in finding out about my own Korns' family history. Thanks! Raymond E. Korns, Los Angeles, CA

- 08/29/00 00:57:21


Hi! I just stumbled onto your website and have bookmarked it for further reading and research. You have done such an excellent job with your site and I thoroughly enjoyed it as a website as well as the genealogy data and research you are doing and sharing. am climbing my ancestral tree here through Catherine Baker Korns, daughter of Michael Korns and Susanna Baker/Baucher. She married Jacob Kimmerer in 1801 Cumberland Co., PA. I've noticed Catherine was born in 1783 in Berks Co, PA and died in 1859, Holms o., OH. Her daughter Eliza Kimmerer b. 1814 is the one I am trying to find more information on. I believe she may have married James Collins, Dec. 21, 1838 in Wayne, OH. I believe their children were Milton, Rebecca, Alexander, Lorinda (my third great randmother), Alonzo, Wakefield, and Joseph Collins. If you have any information on this family line I would very much appreciate any leads. Thank you again for all your research. Leanne Wiese Santa Clara, CA

- 08/20/00 04:27:46


Thank you for taking the time to include so much of the Korn saga on the Net. What a valuable piece of research I have collected tonight! Thank you. Joy Shaup

- 07/19/00 00:18:26


Was wondering if you were still working on your family tree and was amazed at all you have included in this web site. I want to check out all the pictures when I have time. Trust things are going well with you. Mildred

Posted by Rosemary Wade on 12/6/2001, 8:37 pm

I'm new to the 'web' and have discovered the
Michael KORNS Sr. site. It's fantastic! What
dedication to do such a great job! I'm descended
from Michael Sr. thru daughter Catherine who married Jacob KIMERER, then on down thru Michael
KORNS KIMERER and his daughter, Susan. I recognize the names of some of these KORNS searchers from past correspondence (by 'snail-mail'). Happy to hear from any and all searchers
of this extended family. Thanks. Rosemary Wade, Burlington, IA.