Hermon Husband in the May 22, 1761 Frederick County, Maryland court docket

The following photograph shows a portion of page 56 of The Frederick County, Maryland court book "Doquetts Anno 1761". Page 56 is in a section of the book that is titled "Original Writs returnable to the third Tuesday and sixteenth day of Juno Anno Dom 1761" and references a May 22, 1761 case where Hermon Husband and James Perry are adversaries. At first glance it appears to read "Harmon Husband", but if you compare it the second letter in the first name to other obvious "e" and "a" characters on the page, you can quickly see that the second letter is really "e". I suspect that "Hermon" is a miss-spelling of "Herman". In a section titled, "Imparlance Dockett to August Court Anno Domini 1761", page 71 of same book includes a May 23, 1761 record that mentions Husband and Ben Swoope as adversaries.

A portion of the May 22, 1761 Frederick County, Maryland court docket.

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