Early Korns property ownership in Allegany County, Maryland

The information on this page relates to early Korns property ownership in Allegany County, Maryland. The first four images below are from Volume II of the 1966 book "Early Allegany County-Records 1788 1812". The first image shows the title page of the book.

The next image, which is abstracts from early tax lists, shows tracts of land owned by Henry, Jacob, and John Korns. The numbers at the right indicate the acreage of the tracts. For more information on the Millstone Hill tract, click here.

The next image shows that John Korns bought the 124-acre First Discovery tract from William Starner in 1811. If this John Korns is the son of Michael Korns, Sr., then he was in his early 20s at the time of the purchase.

The next image shows that Jacob Korns owned lot 255 in Cumberland, and Henry Korns owned part of lot 258. Both of these lots are near the Blue Spring.

The next image is from page 563 of Liber E, and shows where lots 255 and 258 are located relative to the bend in Mechanic Street.

The 124-acre "First Discovery" tract was surveyed for Jesse Tomlinson on November 12, 1792 and patented to Andrew Bruce on May 22, 1794. The image below is from the survey, and puts the property on the west side of Piney Mountain.

The 404-acre "Copenhagen Jackson" tract was originally surveyed for William Logsdon of Lawrence on May 15, 1809 and patented to him and others on April 3, 1842. The image below is from the patent-related survey document.

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