Porter/Cook Book Now Available


Double Trace: An Historical Genealogy of Some Porters and Cooks of

Gloucestershire, Maryland and Pennsylvania 1500 2012.



A detailed, carefully researched, well written handsome book telling the story of the origin of the Pre-Revolutionary Porters and Cooks who emigrated to Western Maryland and Pennsylvania from England and Germany. The focus is on the Porters descending from the immigrant John Porter (1693/4 1776) and his English ancestors back to 1500, and the Cooks descending from George Cook (1761-1850). The development of both families is followed to 2000, with some individuals to 2012. Additional sections on intermarriages with the Aho, Fries, Paschedag, Volkens and Wilhelm families.


405 pp., 8 x 11, hardback, Buckram bound, 70 lb. paper. Includes 17 diagrams, 111 figures, plus many photographs, maps, wills, letters, court and land records. Appendices, index, bibliography. Click here for the table of contents. Based on 2158 individuals with 445 surnames. Cost: $50.00 + postage and handling in North America. Contact: James N. Porter, jnporter@yorku.ca.