Some history about Corriganville grade school

by Paul Lohr, October 31, 2021

Corriganville grade school had grades one thru six but only six rooms. First and second grades were in the same room.

The principles name was Mrs Wright. If you were sent to her for misbehaving she took you in the cloak room, made you bend over a chair and spanked you with a wooden paddle with holes in it. It didn’t happen often but I personally witness it.

We said the pledge of allegiance to the flag every morning.

We all got a polio shot and one time all our heads were sprayed for lice.

It had no indoor plumbing or rest rooms. Boys and girls toilets (no running water ) were located just outside the back door in the same divided building. Girls on left, boys on right.

It had one hand pump and sink in the main hallway inside. Lunch was made in the basement and served upstairs in the main hallway and cost around 25 cents. You carried your try to your room to eat. YOU ALWAYS HAD TO EAT EVERYTHING ON YOUR PLATE BEFORE YOU COULD GO OUT FOR LUNCH RECESS.

Out front of the school stood a large stone honor roll and flag with the names of all the men that were killed in WWII. Both my brothers Charles Lohr and Joseph Lohr names were on it.

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