William Burnside Kennell and Effie (Lepley) Kennell

The above photo of William Burnside Kennell and his wife Effie May (Lepley) Kennell was provided by Colen Kennell, who is a grandson of Guy Kennell and a great-grandson of William Kennell. Effie was a daughter of Adam Lepley III.

William and Effie Kennell

Colen also provided the above 1938 photo, and reports that the names of the people were given as:
1st row - Mac, Grandpa (William), Grandma (Effie), & Jack
2nd row - Pearl Emerick, Violet Getz, & Ginn Weimer
3rd row - Clinton, James, John, Robert, Guy (my Grandfather), & Roy

Colen thinks that the men are the children of William and Effie.

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