Circa 1920 photo Wellersburg furnace

This circa 1920 photo of the Wellersburg iron furnace was located for by Mike McKenzie. The photo shows houses along the ridge, behind the furnace. The photo also shows the furnace with several additional layers of stone at the top, compared to the Lee photo of the furnace. Also note the stone rubble that has fallen down from the walls of the furnace.

The photo is from an article titled "The Great Coal Wealth in Somerset County" in the February 5, 1921 issue of "The Black Diamond". The original caption to the photo dates the furnace too early, and erroniously describes it as the first furnace in Somerset County. Enlargements from the photo are provided below.

Enlargement from the 1920 photo of the Wellersburg furnace

Circa 1920 photo of what must have been the blast house for the Wellersburg furnace

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