Tuscarawas County Infirmary

Tuscarawas County Infirmary.

The text below is from the History of Tuscarawas County:

In January, 1843, the Commissioners purchased from G. N. Allen and Charles Korns two farms located about two and a half miles southeast from New Philadelphia, upon which to erect a "poor house". On March 9. 1813, the Auditor was directed by the Commissioners to give public notice that on March 28, following, they would receive sealed proposals for erecting a poor house. On March 29, the proposal of Charles Korns was accepted, $3,800. John Everhard was appointed by the board to supervise the erection. The building was completed and accepted by the Commissioners June 6, 1844. It has several times since been repaired and remodeled. Jesse Landes is the present Superintendent of the infirmary. He has acted in that capacity for many years.

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