Korns marriage license

The December 24, 1951 issue of the Connellsville Daily Courier indicates that a marriage license was granted at Cumberland, Maryland around that time to Thurman Dewey Korns of Friedens and Darleen Fay Lambert McDonald of Stoyestown. This is evidentally referring to the son of Dewie C. Korns and his wife Ethel Ringler that is listed as "Therman" on page 84 of the 1949 book "The Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr. of Somerset County Pennsylvania". That book indicates that Dewie was the son of Jacob A. Korns and his wife Margaret Burkett.

Based on the above information, I "Googled" Thurman and found that he is currently (2006) the President of the Wells Creek Watershed Association, and e-mailed him. He donated an article to this website on the activities and accomplishments of the Association, which is dedicating to restoring Wells Creek by addressing pollution from old mine sites. In one e-mail, Thurman said that his grandfather died in 1925 and he wasn't born until 1930, so he didn't have any memories of his grandfather. He also said that his grandmother died when he was six. Thurman said that his father was a coal miner all of his life, which ended when he was 56 from a series of strokes. Thurman indicated that his father was a very intelligent man, even though he had only a fifth grade education, which was common in those days for a boy who was raised on a farm in Southampton Township.

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