Early 1900s Kantner and Stoystown postcards

The photo below was provided by Don Rininger, who writes: "I've had these postcards for years from my grandfather but just today put them side by side to reveal a nice panoramic shot of the whole area. I can see my g-g-grandfather Rininger's woolen mill and home on the left card and my G-Grandfather Josiah Specht's house on the right card. One card is postmarked Aug 19, 1909. If you compare google earth to this area, it is amazing how much it has changed. The iron bridge on the right card is long gone and the Specht store and grist mill is no longer there right behind the iron bridge. The Lohr barn beyond that is also gone. The Specht house is still there and sits at the junction of the roads to the right of the iron bridge. Sad that a lot of the nice old houses are gone and replaced by industrial buildings. Where there appears to be a dam in the creek is now 403 road and bridge connecting the old main street of Kantner to Highway 30 to the west."

circa 1909 view of Kantner, PA

The next image, below, is the same image as above with points of interest labeled by Don Rininger, including the location of the Rininger woolen mill. Mr. Rininger has a website " Somerset County Coverlets " that shows coverlets that were made at Somerset County woolen mills. He also has a YouTube video of the Rininger woolen mill, and the machinery it contained.

circa 1909 view of Kantner, PA

The next two images are from a postcard showing a street level view of Kantner. Regarding this postcard, Mr. Rininger writes: "In the Kantner main street photo, the white house at the end of the road was Josiah Specht's house (my g-g grandfather). He was a bit famous in those parts I understand at the time. It is still standing. The arrow shows the general area where I believe the photographer was standing to take the panoramic pics of Kantner. Postmarked 1909. This card came from Josiah's wife in Kantner to him in Seattle Washington! Wonder what a country boy was doing on the west coast in 1909!?"

circa 1909 street level view of Kantner, PA reverse of postcard

The last image, below, is a circa 1914 postcard of Stoystown that was provided by Mr. Rininger.

Postcard of Stoystown, PA.

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