Peter Peppenbrink remarriage license

License related to remarriage of Peter Peppenbrink

This document shows a marriage license record that is believed to be for the remarriage of Peter Peppenbrink, father of Christian Petenbrink. It was provided by Andy Petenbrink, who on July 6, 2006 wrote "Marriage License for Peter Peppinbrink, Christian's father. This is his second marriage. I lost track of Peter after 1870. He was living in Cumberland."

On July 9, 2006 Andy Petenbrink wrote "Peter Peppinbrink, father of Christian Petenbrink, came to America July 20, 1842 through the Port of Baltimore. The passenger records indicated that Peter (50), Barbara (44), Christian (24), Conrad (21) and Anna (18) Piepenbrink, were traveling together. The last residence was Ermshausen, Germany. They initially settled in Cumberland, Maryland. The land records for Allegany County, MD, have several transactions for Peter and Conrad. As far as I know, Christian did not own land in Maryland. Based on the Allegany County Marriage License Records, Peter's first wife died prior to 1860. He married Margaret Scmeller on August 22, 1860. I could not find any public records for Peter after 1870. I have a deed suggesting that Margaret Pepenbrink was still living in Cumberland on August 16, 1873. The deed was certified by Jas. M. Bruce, J.P. Conrad moved to Baltimore during the fall of 1862 where he died in 1892."

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