Christian Petenbrink marriage to Anna Keilman

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The pages linked below that record the Jan. 7, 1846 marriage license record of Christian Petenbrink to Eliza Coleman, were provided by Andy Petenbrink. These pages, which are from the Clerk's office of the Circuit Court, Allegany County, Maryland, appear to dispel the legend that Christian Petenbrink married Elizabeth Winters.

On July 3, 2006 Andy Petenbrink wrote "The Winters name is part of the Keulman/Keilman Family History but it is connected to a sister of our Anna Elizabeth. Mary Keilman was married to Earnest Winter. The marriage was performed by Rev. Benjamin Knepper. Earnest and Mary moved to Oil Township in Perry County, Indiana and lived there until they died. I am working the Keilman connection and I am trying to develop my sources. I believe that the Petenbrink/Winters tie was started by one of George Petenbrink's daughters and shared with many within the Bittner/Petenbrink Reunion group. I have a copy of the Allegany County Marriage Register that clearly shows Christian Petenbrink applying for a marriage license to Eliza Coleman."

Also included below is the death certificate of Catherina Shaffer, signed by Christian's son Peter Petenbrink, which clearly shows that Catherina Shaffer's mother and Christian's wife was Anna Keilman. In regard to the death certificate, Andy Petenbrink wrote "The attached file contains the death certificate for Catherine Shaffer. As you can see, the quality is rather poor. You should be able to make out the names of Peter, Christian and Anna Elizabeth. Peter clearly states that Catherine's mother's maiden name was Keilman. This is the only certificate that I have collected that gives ELizabeth's maiden name. All of the others have Unknown for Elizabeth's name." Many thanks to Andy for supplying these documents.

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  • Petenbrink-Coleman License record page (367 KB)

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  • Death Certificate of C. Shaffer, showing Anna Keilman as wife of Christian Petenbrink (457 KB)

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