The Mull House, Somerset County, PA


The photo immediately below is the "Mull House" on Leister Road, Northampton Township, near the old Mull Cemetery. Both photos were provided by Kimberley Brown, of Fayette County in September, 2012. Her two sons dismantled the house, and are rebuilding it in Fayette County on ten acres that are owned by her youngest son, who plans to live in it. The lower photo shows the present state of reconstruction in September of 2012.

Kimberley reports that "The Mulls were from the German Reformed Church and held church in this house until they built one" Rev. J. Earl Gindlesperger describes the Mull's congregation on pages 20 and 21 of a 1941 booklet titled "The Wills Creek Charge". That booklet states "we know from other sources that Reformed people lived in the Mull's community as early as 1800, that occasional preaching services were held at the homes of members as early as 1805, and that the home of John Mull was used for that purpose in 1822. In 1829, the Reformed and Lutherans undertook to build a union church. John Mull donated one acre of land upon which was erected a log structure about 25 by 30 feet. Several years elapsed before the building was actually completed."

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