Captain Daniel Korns resigns, 1864

The August 12th, 1864 Civil War letter reproduced below mentions the resignation of Captain Daniel Korns. It was written from Resaca, Georgia by Lieutenant Ebenezer H. McCall to his Father Rev. McCall in Smithfield, Jefferson County, Ohio. Resaca is about 74 miles north-north-west of Atlanta, Georgia. Lieutenant McCall was with the 80th Ohio, which regiment was on guard duty there during Sherman's Atlanta campaign. The images were provided courtesy of the previous owner of the letter.

Some excerpts from the letter are: "we have had plenty of rain lately, in fact almost too much for comfort, and this morning it has clouded up again for another shower...."..."Everything down here is progressing favorably. Troops are coming from, and others going to the "Front" nearly every day...."..."....our Division is soon to be (?) here, by McCook's Cavalry Division which was so cut up below Atlanta."... "Three of our officers Capts. Korns and Simmons, and Lieut Hay resigned and started for home day before yesterday...."..." If Lincoln is elected this fall I believe it will be as good as a victory in the field, but if defeated the Rebels Cause will be much strengthened...."

The 1868 book " Ohio in the War" says that Daniel Korn resigned July 30, 1864. This letter shows that he was actually with the regiment through August 10th. The mention of Daniel Korns is at the top of the second page.

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