Mary Magdalene Korn

According to the 1949 book "The Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr. of Somerset County Pennsylvania", Michael Korns, Sr's daughter Mary Magdalene was born November 8th, 1785, died March 22, 1860 married John Beal, and had the following children:

According to the book "A Clowes-Swanson Genealogy" by Lois Clowes Witherspoon, M.A., the April 16, 1786 Baptism of Mary Magdalene Korn, daughter of Michael and Susanna Korn, with Sponsors Christoph (Stoffel) Miller & Otilia, is on record at the Kirchenbuch Lutheran & Reformed Church, Leigh County, PA. Mrs. Witherspoon speculated that the Sponsor Otilia could potentially be Michael Korn Sr's mother. We may never know, but the 1786 baptism date was well after the death of Carl Korn.

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