Beginning of New Philadelphia Ohio Newspaper list
Description of the newspaper of W. A. Korns

1899 Description of the Newspaper of Wilson A. Korns

As shown above, pages 464 and 465 of 1899 book "National Newspaper Directory and Gazetteer" list the newspapers being published in New Philadelphia, Ohio. Page 465 indicates that the "Tribune" was a 4 page 20" by 26" Republican newspaper established in 1893, and owned by W. A. Korns. The circulation was 1104 copies, and the subscription cost was $1.50. There were six newspapers in town, ranging from a circulation of 400 to 1,500. Wilson Allen Korns was the son of Captain Daniel Korns of New Philadelphia Ohio, and is described on pages 244-245 of the 1949 book "The Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr. of Somerset County Pennsylvania".

Wilson Allen Korns, the Tuscarawas Publishing Co. of Dover, Ohio

The Tuscarawas Publishing Co. of Dover, Ohio

The text above is from Volume XII of the 1920 edition of the "Department Reports of the State of Ohio". It shows that The Tuscarawas Publishing Co. of Dover, Ohio was founded by 5 individuals, including Wilson Allen Korns.

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