Here is what my sister D. (Dietle) Moore wrote about our Grandmother Gladys (Bittner) Korns in 1993:

"I enjoyed your stories about Grandma & Grandpa Korns. The ones about Grandpa because I don't remember him except with Parkinson's Disease and not being able to do much.

One story about Grandma that Grandma told me is that when Grandma & Grandpa got married it was believed that it was good luck to burn the wedding dress. Grandma saved a piece of lace from hers (Mom has it now). It was to bring riches in your married life. It must have been her family because I have never heard of this tradition." ...

Grammy had that big closet up in the big bedroom (if you remember). I remember Lorna, Annette & I play dress-up for hours in that cupboard. Shoes & hats & dresses. We had a ball.

Grammy also helped us "create house in the in the back porch, under the back porches, (and) in the corn crib. In the one under the porch we had a hot plate & could cook our own meals. Making coffee or tea when we wanted. (Maybe thatch I never liked either one, I drank too young). Lorna & Annette liked tea but even then I preferred just water in my tea cup after the first taste or two. This is where we spent most of our time in the summer. ...

I also remember Grandma letting me drive the car back home (to Grandmys) on the back roads from Meyersdale. I was 13 or 14 I think. I felt so old driving the car, with her giving me instructions. Now any Ford Falcon reminds me of Grammy." L. Dietle June, 2008

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