Levi Korns' fruit farm, Solano County, California

Levi Korns farm.

This 1878 engraving from Thompson and West's 1878 "Historical Atlas Map of Solano County" shows the farm of Levi Korns of Solano County, California. Based on an article in the July 26, 1965 issue of the Vacaville, California Reporter, one can reasonably deduce that this Levi Korns was the son of William Korns, who in turn was the youngest son of Michael Korns, Sr. of Southampton Township, Somerset County PA. The 1949 book "The Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr. of Somerset County Pennsylvania" lists Levi as "b. Feb. 16, 1829, married and died in California".

The above-noted Vacaville Reporter article was an obituary of Clarence J. Uhl, a prominent Vacaville fruit grower who died at age 97. The obituary indicated that Mr. Uhl was son of Mr. and Mrs. George (Korns) Uhl, and he was born Aug. 12, 1867, on a farm in the vicinity of Millersburg, Ohio. The article says that Mr. Uhl had an uncle, Levi Korn, who had a fruit farm in Vacaville, and eventually Mr. Uhl rented the farm from Levi.

The book "The Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr. of Somerset County Pennsylvania" indicates that Levi's father William Korns settled on a farm near Millersburg, Holmes County, Ohio and raised fruit and bees. Since the Uhl and Korns families are closely allied families in Holmes County, I assume that William's son Levi Korns was Clarence J. Uhl's uncle, and I assume that Clarence Uhl was the son of the George Uhl who is noted on page 213 of the Korns genealogy book as being married to Levi Korns' sister Susan.

The following biographical information is from page 459 in the 637 page 1891/1892 book "A memorial and biographical history of Northern, California":

"LEVI KORNS, a rancher of Solano County, is a native of the old Keystone State, born February 16, 1829. His father, William Korns, is a native of Pennsylvania, and of German descent, and his mother, Elizabeth (Hayman) Korns, was a native of the same State, and of German ancestry. His parents moved to Holmes County, Ohio, where he was reared and educated on his father's farm. He came to California, via Panama, in February, 1852, locating at Marysville, where he remained two years; from this point he went to Oregon in 1854, where he remained one year, and then returned to Sisklyon County, California, remaining five years. Mr. Korns then visited his old home in the East, but returned in 1859. He started to Pike's Peak, Colorado, but, being disappointed in the reports of this place, he continued his trip across the plains with ox teams, and located in Solano County, his present home, which is situated six miles northwest of Vacaville. He has ninety-two acres of fine land, twenty-two acres of which is planted to a general variety of deciduous fruits, of which he dries the greater portion and disposes of to the local markets.

He was married in Sacramento City in 1878, to Mrs. Harriet S. Thompson, a native of New York. She had one child by her first husband, Luln M. Thompson. Mr. Korns is a Republican politically, and has been one of the trustees of Oakland District, which office he satisfactorily filled. Our subject is a gentleman who attends strictly to his own affairs, which is proverbial of his ancestry, and has the full confidence of all who know him."

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