Lester Korns, 1994

The photo of Lester Korns was taken in July 1994 at a family gathering. At this gathering, he brought his old family photos to look at, and one of my cousins and I helped him label many of them for posterity. We need to figure out who has them now, so that we can scan them for Korns.org. Lester was the son of Earl & Ella Korns.

Lester Korns materials:

  • A stagecoach built by Lester Korns of Southampton Township
  • Lester Korns of Southampton Township, gathering sugar water
  • Lester Korns with his sister Lucretia, 1917
  • Lester Korns' relates family traditions
  • Photo of Allen Korns and cousin Lester Korns with team
  • Lester and Allen Korns with farm machinery, 1942
  • Somerset County-made woolen blanket owned by Lester Korns
  • A terrific childhood photo of Lester Korns on another website

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