Korns individuals in Emrich Genealogy book

Korns individuals in Emerick genealogy book.
The 1987 book Descendants of Andrew Emrich Berks and Somerset Counties, Pennsylvania by Oran S. Emrich of Kansas City, Missouri contains information on Korns descendants. Click here to access individual pages of the Emrich book on a third party website.

Index to book:

  • Page 14: John Korns marries Louisa Emrick
  • Page 40: Children of John Korns and wife Louisa (Emrick) Korns
  • Page 41: Jacob Korns marries Margaret Burkett
  • Page 81: John Korns and Mary (Morgan) Korns , Mary (Korns) Whelan and Christina (Korns) Walling
  • Page 82: Charles Korn and Sarah (Sume) Korns
  • Page 86: Children of Jacob Korns and Margert [sic] Burkett) Korns
  • Page 95: Earl Korns marries Sarah [sic] Lepley
  • Page 138: Children of Clayton and Leora (Troutman) Korns & Joseph and Alice (Boyer) Korns
  • Page 139: Children of Dewey and Ethyl (Ringer) Korns & Wesley and Cynthia (Korns) Llewellyn
  • Page 149: Children of Earl and Sarah [sic] (Lepley) Korns
  • Page 196: Emanuel Korns in will
  • Page 199: Children of John and Louisa Emerick in Nathan Emerick will
  • Page 233: Korns names in Index of Persons
  • Page 234: Korns names in Index of Persons

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