Students at Kennell's Mill School circa 1930

Colen Kennell contributed this photo of students at the Kennell's Mill School. Colen reports, "The names were written on the back of the picture. I think my mother added them after questioning my grandmother, Blanche Shaffer Kennell, mother of Cliff and Mildred Kennell Wisler in the picture. My father was born in 1920 and he attended through 8th grade which means the picture is likely from the early 1930s. The names are:
Back row (L to R): Nell Emerick Witt, Lucretia Korns Sturtz, Ruby Busby (teacher), Mildred Kennell Wisler (partially hidden).
Middle row (L to R): Gladys Troutman Korns, Elva Troutman Long, Vernon Troutman.
Front row (L to R): Bob Troutman, Ray Kennell, Alma Emerick, Idella Weimer, Cliff Kennell."

At least some of the names of the girls include both their maiden and their subsequent married names, such as Lucretia (Korns) Sturtz, who I knew personally.

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