Korns in Lowdermilk's 1878 "History of Cumberland"

The excerpts indexed below are from the 1878 "History of Cumberland" by William H. Lowdermilk, available at the Clayton Library, Houston, Texas. I believe that there may be other Korns references in this book, but I haven't had time to locate them. When you view these pages, you may need to "expand" them with your browser software to make them large enough to read, or else right click on them and download them to your computer for viewing.
Lowdermilk book title page

Michael Corn living west of Fort Cumberland in 1787/88
In this excerpt, in 1787 the Governor and Council of Maryland, by authority of the Legislature, commissioned a survey of the territory of the State lying westward of Fort Cumberland, A survey was done, marking out 4,165 lots of 50 acres each, and noting lands that were already occupied and improved by settlers. These settlers were authorized, by an act of 1788, to purchase the land that they had settled on. A resulting list of settlers "then located upon the lands lying in Maryland west of Fort Cumberland" includes the name "Michael Corn". According to the book "The Geneology of Michael Korns, Sr.", Michael Korns was last assessed in Berks County, PA in 1786, and didn't show up in the Bedford County (now Somerset County) records until 1795. This new record explains where he went after leaving Berks County! The same list is provided in volume 1 of the book "History of Allegany County Maryland" by James W. Thomas, LL.D. and Judge T.J.C. Williams. Click here for detailed analysis of the subject of Michael and Jacob Korns living in Maryland.
Page 263-Discussion of why the survey was done
Page 264-List of settlers, including the name Michael Corn
Page 265-Charles Uhl on settler list
Page 266-Last page of list, legislative comments

Korns family among first 125 in Cumberland
In this excerpt, referenced in the 1949 book "The Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr. of Somerset County Pennsylvania", the Korns family is listed among the first families in Cumberland, and as having supposedly moved there during the 1790 to 1800 time period.
Page 277-Discussion of the list of families moving to Cumberland during 1790-1800
Page 278-List of families moving to Cumberland during 1790-1800

Korns families in Cumberland in early 1800's
The following pages include references to Korns families living in Cumberland in the early 1800's.
Page 291-Locations and occupations of Jacob and Henry Korns
Page 292 Henry Korns
Page 293-Locations of Jacob and Henry Korns, beginning of assessment list
Page 294-Jacob and Henry Korns in the assessment list

Jesse & Henry Korns, City Councilmen
Page 368 Jesse Korns, Councilman
Page 375 Jesse Korns, Councilman
Page 377 Material relevant to the next page
Page 378 Jesse Korns, Councilman
Page 380 Material relevant to the next page
Page 381 Jesse Korns, Councilman
Page 384 Jesse and Henry Korns, Councilmen, May 12, 1856
Page 385 Henry Korns
Page 386 Material relevant to the next page
Page 387 Jesse Korns, Councilman

Jesse Korns in meeting regarding the Civil War
In this excerpt, Jesse Korns, a prominant citizen of Cumberland, is a Vice President of an 1861 public meeting where an interesting resolution was written concerning their opinion about the beginning of the Civil War. A copy of the resolution is included in the excerpt.
Page 389-List of officers at the meeting
Page 390-First part of the resolution
Page 391-Second part of the resolution

Cumberland Maryland in the Civil War
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Pages 392-393
Pages 394-395
Pages 396-397
Pages 398-399
Pages 400-401
Pages 402-403
Pages 404-405
Pages 406-407
Pages 408-409
Pages 410-411
Pages 412-413
Pages 414-415
Pages 416-417
Pages 418-419
Pages 420-421
Pages 422-423

Misc. Korns references
Page 427 Material relevant to the next page
Page 428 Jesse Korns, Academy building committee
Page 431 Jesse Korns, Councilman, May 13, 1872
Page 433 Henry Korns, Councilman, May 13, 1873
Page 456 Material relevant to the next page
Page 457 Henry Korns, church supporter
Page 480 Material relevant to the next page
Page 481 Jesse Korns, church officer

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