Doctor Horace M. Korns

Dr. Korns

Click here to see the title page of the 1939 book "Elementary Physical Diagnosis" by Horace M. Korns, M.D. that I purchased recently. The book was published in Iowa City, Iowa by the Williams Iowa Company, and was once owned by Laurance Goodwin of Iowa City, Iowa. When I bought the book, I was told that it was "University of Iowa Bound Class and Lecture notes" from the university teaching school and hospital.

I believe that the author is Horace Marshall Korns, b. Jan. 10, 1893, who was the son of Edward F. Korns and the grandson of Charles Korns, Jr. (see page 125 of "The Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr. of Somerset County Pennsylvania". This belief is supported by a message found on the Korn Family Genealogy Forum that said that Dr. Horace Korns of Iowa City, Iowa was originally from Ohio.

Horace Korns also authored the following publications:

  • "The Nature and Time Relations of the Compression Sounts of Korotkov in Man" in the American Journal of Physiology in 1926.

  • "Inequality of Blood Pressure in the Brachial Arteries, with Especial Reference to Disease of the Arch of the Aorta" in 1933.

  • "Notes on the Medical History of Vienna", 44-page book, 1937.

    Page 264 of the 1936 "Science", by the American Association for the Advancement of Science states "HORACE M. KORNS has been promoted to be professor of the theory and practice of medicine at the College of Medicine of the State University of Iowa".

    There is a Horace Korns family materials collection at the University of Iowa Archives. If anyone is visiting there, I would appreciate a copy of that collection for the website. When I last visited the University of Iowa website, it had a photo of H. M. Korns, M. D.

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