Korns family info from the book "History of Western Maryland"

Wills Creek Charge, Somerset County, PA

Korns related information from the 1882 book "History of Western Maryland" by J. Thomas Scharf, is available below in GIF format. In some cases, relevant pages preceding actual Korns-related pages are included so that you can see what the topic of the subsequent Korns-related pages are. This book needs to be studied further for additional Korns-related information, particularly as relates to the military tracts west of Fort Cumberland.

How to access the pages
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In PDF Format:
All 32 Korns-related pages in PDF format(3830 KB PDF)

Individual pages in GIF Format:
Title Page, History of Western Maryland (51 KB)
Un-numbered page, Western Maryland map. B&W (62 KB)
Un-numbered page, Western Maryland map, color (1233 KB)
P. 79 Jesse Korns describes Fort Cumberland (109 KB)
P. 80 More description of Fort Cumberland (109 KB)
P. 145 Description of the Deakins Survey of the Soldier Lands (110 KB)
P. 192 Beginning of the description of War of 1812 military organizations (110 KB)
P. 193 (111 Additional description of War of 1812 military organizations (112 KB)
P. 194 Charles Korns in War of 1812 military organizations (101 KB)
P. 199 Description of Civil War Meetings (106 KB)
P. 200 Jesse Korns, Vice President, Civil War meeting (106 KB)
P. 316 Description of Potomac Home Brigade (95 KB)
P. 317 with info on the Second Regiment, Potomac Home Brigade (100 KB)
P. 1167 Jesse Korns escapes hotel fire (109 KB)
P. 1324 Description of Fort Cumberland (106 KB)
P. 1325 Drawings of Fort Cumberland (90 KB)
P. 1342 Beginning of discussion of early settlements (99 KB)
P. 1343 Michael Corn, Jacob Beal listed as early settlers west of Fort Cumberland (110 KB)
P. 1344 Charles Uhl, John Tomlinson listed as early settlers west of Fort Cumberland (105 KB)
P. 1345 Organization of Allegany County Maryland (104 KB)
P. 1353 Henry Korn, Justice of the Peace, 1828 (104 KB)
P. 1354 Henry Korn, Magistrate, 1836 (99 KB)
P. 1374 A list title on this page is relevant to the following page (106 KB)
P. 1375 Jacob & H. Korn, Clement Engle, property holders, Cumberland Town, 1813 (113 KB)
P. 1379, Jesse Korn, Cumberland Hose Company, 1831, 1832 (102 KB)
P. 1380 Jesse Korn, Mountaineer Hose Company, 1838 (104 KB)
P. 1391 Jesse Korns, Cumberland Fire Engine Company (114 KB)
P. 1411 Methodist Episcopal Church Description, Cumberland, MD (108 KB)
P. 1412 Methodist Episcopal Church Description, continued (107 KB)
P. 1413 Jesse Korns, Methodist Episcopal Church building committee (105 KB)
P. 1431 Beginning of the paragraph that goes on to p. 1432 (108 KB)
P. 1432 Henry Korns Comb Factory (108 KB)
P. 1450 Jesse Korns, Director, Third National Bank (100 KB)

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