The links indexed below are to raster images of pages from the book the "History of Allegany County Maryland" by James W. Thomas, LL.D. and Judge T.J.C. Williams. This book is available at the Clayton Library, Houston, Texas. Most of the pages relate to Korns individuals living in Allegany County. When you view the raster images, you may need to "expand" them with your browser software to make them large enough to read, or else right click on them and download them to your computer for viewing. All 28 pages are also provided here in a single 2534 KB PDF document for your convenience.

Korns genealogy material from the History of Allegany County Maryland:

  • Cover page, History of Allegany County Maryland

  • Page 1, Introduction to bounty lands, Francis Deakins

  • Page 2, 322 families already settled west of Fort Cumberland

  • Page 3, Beginning of the Deakins Settlers list

  • Page 4, Second Page of list, with name of Michael Corn

  • Page 5, Charles Uhl on Deakins list of settlers, plus beginning of 1774 list

  • Page 6, more of the 1774 list

  • Page 7, a Jacob Beall on 1774 list

  • Page 8, more of 1774 list

  • Page 9, more of 1774 list

  • Page 95, Korns family living in Cumberland, Maryland in 1797

  • Page 101, Patrick Murdoch-probably the same one Henry Korns owed money to in 1817

  • Page 102, Korns on same tax assessment list that appears in History of Cumberland p. 293-294

  • Page 117, Jesse Korns, Vice President of Civil War-related meeting

  • Page 118, Results of the Civil War-related meeting

  • Page 124, Jesse Korns on Committee to build the new City Hall

  • Page 242, Henry Korns, comb maker on Mechanic Street

  • Page 380, War of 1812, Blair's Company

  • Page 381, Charles Korns, a member of Blair's Company

  • Page 382, Jesse Korns, Vice President of Civil War-related meeting

  • Page 400, Second Regiment, Potomac Home Brigade

  • Page 401, Second Regiment, Potomac Home Brigade

  • Page 419, Henry Korn's daughter Mrs. S. T. Little, co-founder of Western Maryland Hospital

  • Page 420, Additional information on the Western Maryland Reserve Hospital

  • Page 430, Jesse Korns, incorporator, Third National Bank of Cumberland

  • Page 1194, Korns brickyard

  • Page 1281, Jacob Spoerl, father-in-law of Jesse Korns

  • Page 1282, Helen (Spoerl) Korns, wife of Jesse Korns

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